Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time well spent

Spent some quality time with the manofdmom yesterday night.

We had Nando's chicken. My eyes were too greedy for my tummy so I ordered half a chicken and the manofdmom had to finish everything for me. It was pretty fun. The chicken was great to be honest. So we had a better choice of choosing our food btw Gianni's and Nandos. Manofdmom has given my the heads up on choosing food for our future meetings. It is great :D

Then we strolled around Zon for a bit and just bummed around, spending yet even more time together. It's nice to just do nothing and enjoy each other's presence and comfort. We have not done it for a long time seemingly everyone has been SO BUSY.

We then proceeded to the open house, took a red packet, then gambled. Tried playing strip poker but that went to hell as there were draws all the time. So that made rubbish difference at all. Doesn't matter.

Was nice spending time together, really.

This means i not hepi.

So everyone has been asking me, why have you put on weight? and so suddenly? Your face looks distorted.

I really don't know how to answer people.

I don't eat much, I exercise regularly.


I have this problem with high water retention. Unless I sweat it out, I don't lose the weight. But then again, I sweat like a pig all the time!

And a case of hormones overload when I miss my period, and when I'm stressed.

I guess this picture fully sums up why I've put on so much weight recently.

unhappiness = stress = missed periods = hormones overload = stress = extra weight.

Now fuck off and leave me alone.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year foodies

Ah, the start to every meal during CNY :

Tossing of the Yee Sang.
Usually people of the same age group (19-30) tend to act like barbarians.
We usually end up having Yee Sang in our drinks and all over the table.

But it was nice.

So during CNY eve, me and my mum cooked up a storm for the family.
There was so much food, it was unbelievable.


My brother enjoying his really womanly Choya drink.

Fried White Pomfret.
Keith's favourite.

Mum's really herbal chicken herbal soup.

Stir fry brocolli mushrooms and shredded scallops.

Mum's very own sharkfin soup with scallops and mushrooms.

Suan Na, after eating this, it is believed that you can count LOADS of money.

Sea cucumber with porks leg.

Salted Chicken :D

Something something.
It tasted amazing though.

Ah, my very own homemade charsiew that I'm really famous for.
It was the most popular dish that day.

It tasted SO AMAZING.

Shean, you'd have killed to be here :D

My very own homemade coconut pandan agar agar.


And because we had an overload of food during lunch (and a long nap after),
we werent very hungry for dinner (as we were supposed to be).

So we had an extremely light steamboat dinner, as compared to the previous years when dinner was also another food overload.

Notice how Alex's tummy is bulging.

The next day of cos was CNY, we went Singapore visiting my 6th Aunt.

There, was a mini casino, and MORE FOOD!

Me being the stingy one, only betted s$1.00 each time and I only took out s$10.00 to play.

In the end I didnt win or lose.
Which was quite a good thing.

It's never a good thing when a parent is teaching his kids on how to bet at gambling at a young age!

Look at how serious the kids are!

Then, the kids and I got bored and decided to go to the playground!

I hope everyone had an amazing CNY.

I hope this year is good for you!!!!!


Suicide Girls

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a thing for tattoos (although not so much on piercings) and brightly coloured hair.

I am truly a sucker for pretty colourful tattoos.

I especially love tattoos on my men but I'm not allowed to get men with tattoos as its a taboo, bla bla bla, yada yada yada.

Still, it doesnt stop me from drooling at men with tattoos. HEHEHE.

Anyways, girls with loads of tattoos and piercings are classified as Suicide Girls in the States.

I used to have a misconception that it's a forum for girls who want to kill themselves.
But I was holy-wrong.

They are beautiful (well some of them are) and beautifully tattooed. It is extremely hard for me to describe my love for tattoos but I will show them in pictures.

All pictures are taken from their website solely for blogging purposes and explaining my love for tattoos and how amazing Suicide Girls are.

Suicide Girls are girls who portray goth, punk and indie styles.
You get the drift.

Note: These girls are not porn stars. Only showing off their tattoos and what not!

I love her blue hair. It didn't really go on me when I tried it out, though shocking pink is still the right colour for my hair!!

I love how boldly coloured her chest piece is.

Their tattoos are as pretty as they are!

It's amazing how her chest piece falls nicely into her cleavage!

Being a fan of leopard prints, hers definitely ROCKS!

For a moment I thought this was Drew Barrymore.
I absolutely love her hair colour.

People tend to ask me why I don't get tattoos or piercings.

Well. I'm actually afraid I might regret my tatts after I get it done.
I've always wanted tattoos but I'm too fickled minded to choose which one I want.

I've had loads of piercings on my ears before and one on my belly button,but unfortunately that went to hell when my friend actually ripped it out when it got caught with another piercing.


I want it back but I don't think it's going to happen!

So for now I'll just dream about being a SG girl.


Monday, January 26, 2009


AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. the God of Gambling and luck must be on my side because today i won like 14 bucks out of 1 dollar bets. at a point i lost all my 15 bucks then I won RM18.00 at one go then the rest comes after.

wooooooooooooooooooooooo. now alex know how it feels to be losing!!



Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have an Ox-picious New Year!

My dearest readers,

Have a prosperous new year

and wonderful health and wealth abundance this year!


Have lots of food, cookies, mandarine oranges and drinks!!!!

It's time for gambling and receiving(only for unmarried singles) ReD PACKETS!


New Years Eve meal was an overload. I eat until I nearly burst.
It was LOVELY. Then I fell asleep after the meal.

Then I woke up and ate again.


Then gambled.

Then with RM3.00 for 1.5 hrs, I won RM2.00.

It was truly a game worth it especially when you only have RM13.00 left in your purse.

HAve a wonderful New Year people.

I will upload my glorious food pics when I'm back from my break.



Friday, January 23, 2009


haiGosh its Chinese New Year eve's eve and I'm stuck at work on a Saturday. Fark I'm tired.

My new bed is amazing. I slept like a baby through the night.

Went to Shasha's birthday last night and it was ok. Was fun seeing Rick drunk and trying to grope everyone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Meeting Lysha for our girly session later.

Haven seen her since. . . . . . . my birthday. GOSH that was like 7 months ago. THIS IS INSANE.

My goodness I'm so tired. :(

I only painfully passed an hour at work!


My first furniture!

You know you're all grown up when you start to buy your own furniture.

Yup. All on my own. I used my own money I saved up, and bought a Poppy couch, Wooden teak bed, and also a shoe rack.

Yes, people may think I'm childish and such, but I buy my own furniture. What about you? :P

I'm all grown up now!

Mum was shocked that I refused to let her pay. It didn't feel right anyway. I'm working now (chambering isn't exactly working, neither is the pay working pay), so I guess it's time I took care of myself!

My lovely headboard. I love how the design of it resembles ketupats. I know I love food. But it just brings in an old rustic olden day feel to my room. :)

My Poppy Couch. At first when they assembled everything in the room I was like, FUCK. Theres no space for my couch. Turns out, with a bit of adjustment, I DO have enough space for my lovely couch. Now my friends can come and sit and relax in my room. For now, my precious bags get the first seating.

My bed and my couch together. It may seem as if there is not enough space for me to walk, but in actual fact, I have ample space to walk about, do a little jiggle, and dance the worm. I have space now, underneath my bed to stock in more SHOPPING! WOOOOOOOO!

I love how my shoe rack resembles my bed. :) It's so pretty. Though I wished it had more spaces for me to put my heels.

See? Not enough space. So little heels can fit in only :(

Yay, I'm all grown up now. TAKE THAT, people who didn't believe in me!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh hai!

oh hai!

I am so stuffed. The boss gave the chinese staff CNY luncheon. Yummo.

We had 8 dishes.

I overate.

The boss made me eat, or he'll fire me.


So I ate.

Roast duck, roast pork and chicken, tofu with prawns, yee sang, soup, egg omelete, vinegar pork leg etc.

It's not that glamourous as its at a shabby restruant. But the food isn't bad at all. Infact, everyone couldnt walk back to the office.

And the excessive eating took a toll on my bladder when the weight of the food rested on top of it.

I needed to pee so badly. And I did shortly after, thank God.

Its bad enough we had to eat at Kinsahi to entertain clients yesterday.

And It Roo the on Tuesday.

I have truly overeaten this week. Tomorrow I'll meet up with Lysha and I'm bound to eat again. And Sunday cos it's NYE. And Monday cos its NY. And Tuesday cos I'll be in Klang. And Wednesday cos I'll be in Klang still. And Thursday cos I'll also still be in Klang. And Friday is HOPEFULLY is a rest day. But that's still so far. I might have to eat next Friday too.

But tonight, I might have to eat again, then party at Rhino cos it's my friends birthday.




Dearest Vikram and Flan.

Both of you deserve each other.

Both of you are insanely vain, naggy and has serious bouts of paranoia.

Have fun annoying each other to death!



ps: Vik, you broke my bed after you left. Please pay me RM800 to get a new one. Thanks.

Golf balls

This is my newest, lewdest and crudest and hippest Hallmark un-approved-yet design.

So you've got clients who are into golf and green-meetings? Those who rather spend time on the lawn than in the office?

Don't know how to play golf? Allergic to grass and the sun? Don't worry!! Impress them with your very own personalised aka tattooed golf balls! This way, everytime they play golf, they'll automatically think of you. Your chances to be their favourite are higher than the rest!

So to go with the personalised aka tattooed golf balls, I have designed a very simple, yet personalised card to go with it. It's short and sweet. Everyone knows that business men appreciates things which are short and sweet! And it shows what good manners and how eager you are to get their business!

If anyone is interested in getting these cards and balls done, you can order it through my creative artist WNC.

Buy in packets of more than 10 and we'll give you 2 cards, COMPLETELY FREE!

Order more than 10 boxes (which contains 4 balls each) and we'll give you another 2 boxes, COMPLETELY FREE!

I hope your business prospers after sending my amazing, yet personalised cards and balls to your clients!


My men criteria

Joanna likes her men :

  • tall, big and fluffy. Preferably with a tummy.
  • to make her laugh till she pees.
  • with nice long fingers.
  • medium rare, with a side dish of coleslaw and cheesy wedges.
  • with back tattoo. Even though it's okay if they are against tattoos and don't want to have one.
  • who knows how to fix things around the house.
  • not ridiculously good-looking (I have my own reasons ok!)
  • to have deep husky voices.
  • to know where the right places are.
  • to give in to her when no one's looking, and to be man enough in front of the whole world.
  • to be kind and caring.
  • to love animals.
  • who is on-the-go.
  • who is well behaved in front of people.
  • to dress well and presentable.
  • to spoil and pamper her.
  • to stand up for her when she is bullied.
  • to be humble and considerate.
  • who can go shopping with her and tells her the truth about what is nice or not. Not just, yes anything is okay.
  • to always give encouragements, hugs and kisses to cheer her day up.
  • who loves her love for shoes, bags, jewlry and clothes.
  • who loves her cooking (pffffffffffffft I know.)
  • who can stand her family (this is one of the toughest one to crack)
  • to be smart than she is (obviously!)

Joanna DOESN'T like her men to be :

  • a wimp. a pussy. a coward.
  • having bad table manners.
  • grumpy.
  • scheming/cunning.
  • skinny. Or at least skinnier than her. It's pretty easier to be skinnier than me!
  • calculative.
  • a fashion victim.
  • pessimistic. You only need ONE who is that bad in a relationship.
  • good at dancing. It's just wrong.
  • good at honeywords.
  • dumb.
  • egoistic.

You all can see how simple I am!

Love always,

Dearest Flan,

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for your generousity. I am sure you are well aware of my broke-ass purse, and I am grateful how you're always there to give me pretty things which I would not bear to spend on (although it's a necessity).

Even though you may be naggy and long winded and very annoying sometimes, you make it up with your generous, giving, warm heartedness, pity-for-the-poor personality.

And with that I truly don't think you deserve a person like J. You should get someone like, Prince William. or Karl Laggerfield. or something.

Happy CNY.

Love always,

ps: I can't wait to get your goody bag!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Love you long time...

Even cats have fears of not being loved.

Don't ignore your pets :)



hello world.

Sorry I wasn't around today to pollute your tiny minds.

Work was hectic.

Work drained out my day.

I am so tired.

My big fat ass(s) broke the bed today (as I've broken Fran's bed, and also my bed in my old house in NCL).

I am completely bedless for now. Well technically I fixed it again, but I shall buy a new bed by tomorrow.

It sucks to be me.

But hey, I had 2.5 hrs lunch time to entertain a client.


Ok, bed time.

SEE YA! x x x x x

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mother Tagger.

I got tagged and I am clearly obliged to write 20 random shits things about me

Here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you..

1. I hate public toilets.
2. I have a shoe fetish.
3. My favourite drink now is blended green tea with whip cream from Starbucks.
4. I poop almost twice a day.
5. I love the smell cupcakes in the oven.
6. I have slightly greasy hair today.
7. I have to go into Singapore today.
8. I am thinking of getting a new watch.
9. I want a grand piano
10. I want to be the Imelda Marcos minus the embezzling.
11. I am a possessive and territorial.
12. I hate it when Fran goes on and on about how fat she is.
13. I love cats, and dogs, and guinea pigs, and anything furry, except your crotch.
14. I hate men who aren't a gentleman.
15. I love my eggs sunny side up.
16. I love being messy.
17. I love Rosie so much, and I feel guilty for patting her head so hard. But she loves it.
18. I hate cockroaches.
19. I love white chocolate.
20. I poop rainbows.

Easy, I tag everyone who's interested in doing this.


I cannot be arsed to blog today.

Just because.

I feel an onset of raging PMS.

I just want to bite everyone and everything.

I am angry and/or sad and/or annoyed and/or frustrated and/or irritated and/or indifferent and/or antagonised and/or pissed off and/or suicidal.

Just like how Kevin pissed me off and told me,

I hate the world.


I can has cheezburger?

So shweeeeeeeeeet.

Cats in love.

People in love.

I love love.

I love smelling you.

I love the way you kiss my shoulders.

I love the way you hug me :)

I love Icanhascheezburgers?

So cute horr???????????????????????

I love cats.

I super super love kitties.

Kitties are so adorable :)

This is what I feel most of the time..


I not has a PMS OK!???????!!!!!

Even the chipmunks know that Kate Moss is a twig!
It's hilarious!!!!!!!!! :P

Ah, furry animals.

I love them :)


Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy exit

Don't you ever sometimes in your life, feel like, you've got no where to turn to, no one is there for you, all you want to do is crawl underneath your covers and sleep forever?

I get that. Once or twice a month. I'm not insane. I just tell people how I feel more than hiding them. Well technically not people, I write on my blog to people if I was feeling like death that day, then its up to them to read it.

Ok, I get my hormones raging with depression every soft often when life gets tough for me. I cry, thats what I do. I cry till mucus pops out of my nose. I get so negative. I look for excuses to die. I....yada, yada, yada. You get what I mean.

If only there was an easy way out for us. An easy way for us to end our miseries.

You may think I'm insane. I have all the things I can get, all the riches what not. Why am I still grumbling? I don't know. Maybe this is reality. Maybe this is not what studying life used to be.

Maybe I really need to grow up and stop fucking about.

Sigh. I need to deal with things in stride. I need to hide my fears.

So that day, I was feeling quite down and I went for a walk at the Sultan's Garden. I stopped to rest at the field overlooking the sea and I saw this.

Yeah, I wish it was as easy as this. Jesus beaming you a light and a way out - to him.


That's only metaphorically. Life isn't that good.


Shopaholic on the loose

As promised yesterday, I will be posting up pictures of my wild buys on Saturday! Gosh it was amazing. I wish I had enough money everyday to buy that much ! :D


Bought this loose fitting shift dress. It came with another brownish colour with green dots in it, but I looked much cooler in this shade of greyish blue!!!! :) Perfect for a night out!

Plus I bought this necklace to go along with the dress. Don't they just fit. I know I have 2 million other necklaces that looks exactly like this one! But they are so different in their own special ways!!!!!!!

This partial-pearl necklace will go well with any outfit if you think your outfit is too boring! :)

I know, I know this looks as if someone has stringed 200 orange strepsils and decided to sell it as a necklace. But its so bright and pretty! ;)

This metallic butterfly bangle will go well with blue, black, grey and white hues! If you're daring, it can go with any other colours!!!!

This hair cliip is so sparkly and pretty. Wanted to get the silver grey one, since it's so in fashion now, but that one had one of its diamantes chipped off. And it's only for RM1.00! heeeeee.

Yet another pearl necklace. I DO have a thing for pearls I realised. This one though isn't too matured looking as the hanging bird pendant brings a touch of casualness to the maturity of the pearls.

I don't know why. It seemed like the right thing to buy. It's so sparkly!

It's not colourful, its staple black. It can go with pratically everything :)

I can't get enough of gold earrings!

My red rose ring will add a touch of bright on any dull outfit.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So sparkly!

My silver leaf of truth.......that I'm a shopaholic.

Yet another silver piece of jewlry encrusted with crystals. MY god. So expensive. But SO PRETTTTTTTTTY. :D

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I have been looking for this pattern for AGES. I definitely love cherrys :)

My faux Chanel earrings. I think I'm having a little crush on Chanel recently.

My bright yellow star of the Orion :)

Another Cubic Zirconia Silver Chanel buy. I'm on the LOOOOOOOOOOOSE!

My really juicy juicy diamante studs :) Yummy!

See people, I can't be stopped. I really have to curb my spendings. But heck, CNY round the corner. I think the number of Angpaos might make up for it!