Monday, May 24, 2010

Congratulations Gerald & Lisa.

I am so happy both of you got married. You seem perfect for each other in every way possible.

Seeing wedding pictures that capture the moments perfectly makes my heart melt, fills me with warm fuzzy feelings and also makes me wonder when my turn is.


Every girl's dream come true since the coming of age that she knows that one day she is going to want to walk down that aisle with her prince charming. There isn't one girl that I know that grew up saying that they don't want to get married. Those who profusely deny that is definitely hiding from the fact that no one wants them, they're too picky or has been hurt before.

The deepest secrets and fears of one revealed just by looking at someone else's pictures in envy; but still filled with well wishing, and nothing but good thoughts for them.

My cousin Tammy is getting really good at photography and what I admire about her is that she is so determined to improve to become a professional by grabbing every opportunity she gets.

The above are the shots that she took during a wedding of her friends. I find that she has captured the moments of how sad the mother is, combing her daughter's hair the night before her wedding, and also feeding her and drinking her tea.

I teared as I look through the pictures.

Well done Tammy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

You know those people who aren't perfect but are always the ones criticising others for their evrything? Those people who aren't exactly slim saying people are overweight, or having gums more than teeth and saying that people are having braces?

Yeah, there's shit loads of people around who haven't looked into the mirror before they talk about others.

Well, just saying!

Don't judge me!


Monday, May 17, 2010

2 mini projects :)

Well if no one else knows, I've just launched 2 new mini projects.

OMG Nails!


As if it wasn't obvious enough, one's selling handpainted acrylic nail tips, the other is selling pre-loved books!

So please go suppport ok!!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mcd's serious, dude!

I swear I'll be stick thin if Mcdonald's looked like this.


Stud earring collection!


Everyone, welcome to my studd earring collection! There's more kept else where because they're too expensive to be left on a cork board collecting dust!

And also, this is the neatest portion of my room.



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bye Bye Winky

My Dearest Winky,

Mummy is very sorry that your grandfather had to give you away. Mummy is very sorry that she could not fight for you, because your grandmother said, its your grandfather dying or you going to someone elses home. It's about life and death matter. She already pulled the last card.

Mummy is very sad as well you know that? I know you felt how upset I was last night when I said goodbye to you. It was as if you knew my feelings when you looked into my eyes.

I'm sorry I wasn't good enough, but perhaps now you'll be in a better home where there are no other dogs to bully you like Ting Ting did.

Mummy will always miss you my little girl :( ...

even though you only live 10mins away.

Love you always.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make up steps (amatuer way!)

Dear Suet Mun,

You asked me how I achieved this look :

Unfortunately, I could not give you a step by step tutorial on how I achieved this look. But you also know la I am not a make up guru, this has been years of experimenting and looking like an idiot for the first few.

Hehehe, hope you understand my step by steps!


Brushes that I use (left to right) : Bodyshop, Bobbibrown face + eye (courtesy of Fran), Elianto blending brush +Bodyshop blush brush.


I use the MAC strobe cream as my makeup base. Everyone probably knows how important a makeup base is - to achieve a smoother look for your makeup and also to prevent the makeup from seeping into your skin. right? RIGHT??!?? hehehehehe

Next I put on the tinted moisturiser (courtesy of Fran ) as my foundation base.

I have terribly uneven skin tone, so I use this liquid foundation only on parts that are still visibly red even after putting on the tinted moisturiser.

Bodyshop concealer pencil. I swear this is the best concealer ever. I have tried so many concealers from Chanel to Estee to MAC. This is farby the cheapest and the best. Used on my spots.

This is the Loreal De-crease to be used on eyelids so that your eye make wont crease after a few hours. It lightens my eye lid and also keeps the eye makeup on!

Bobbi brown dark circle concealer. lightens my cerealsly dark circles man! hehehehehehe.

To finish the face off, I'll dab lightly with Artistry loose powder to set the makeup in!


I started off by colouring the whole eyelid with this nude pigment powder (courtesy of Jojo) as a base colour.

The I slightly dab the double eyelids with this MAC glitter (courtesy of Jojo).

Then I colour my outer eye lids with the black colour for a slightly smokey effect. I also use the pearl white as a highlighter for my brows. (Courtesy of Fran!)

The I colour my inner lids slightly with this white pencil to make my eyes appear slightly bigger.

My trustee RM5 Daiso eyeliner which is water proof and smudge proof. Line the upper lids fully and half the lower lids starting from the outer corner to the middle.

To finish the look you have to wear the Falsies! I bought my fake shit MAC falsies for RM2.00 at pasar malam!


For my red lips I used a pointed tip cotton bud to line my cupids bow (the 2 sharp points of your lips) and also the corners of my lips. Then I colour the red in . AFter that I dabbed my lips with tissue to remove access lipstick. Then I coloured it in again with the lipstick and dab again. Then I put on the lipcote to hold on my lipstick colour (this is so the colour wont run even after several glasses of alcohol). Then after the lipcote I apply another layer of colour!


Use the Body shop bronzing balls for my cheeks during the night time and it comes off nicely when pictures are taken.

Then slightly colour your cheeks with blusher, just a hint of colour is enough. I used my fakeshit MAC blusher that I bought for RM15. Works out fine as contrary to popular belief! HAHAHA!

Then I contour my face ( my double chin, round face ) slightly with the MAC bronzing thingy. I use the big BBrown brush and go round in circles on my jawline to try to darken it so it looks slightly smaller! hehehehe!


Draw my bros with an angled eyebrow pen then I coat it with the eye brow coat so the colour stays on. At the rate I sweat my eye brow colour will run extremely quickly!

Lastly, I use the cream pallete glitter (courtesy of Fran) to give it a night party look just at the end of my outter lids!


So Suet Mun, I hope you understand what I've wrote k? Dedicated specially for you lor!




I went to Malacca with my 3 girl friends last labour weekend and it was such a wonderful time. it was my much needed vacation. away from work, stress and unwanted troubles. a road trip was what i needed.

We created havoc, clubbed, ate lovely food and did some shopping! hehehehe. So here are my camwhore pics to show everyone!

at pure bar. took us ages to find it, but it was happening!

Us at Restaurant Taragon having nyonya food!