Sunday, August 30, 2009

My discovered passion.

I realised that this past week that I love fashion, and I LOVE MONEY. And business of course. I love designing and retail design and I love making people happy.

I also realised that I have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many things that I haven't worn. I spend too much. Thank god for my parents to let me afford such a spend thrift lifestyle. After I've earned my own money, I realised that money is really hard to earn. And it is liberating to spend it because you know it's yours so you don't have to feel the guilt (but the pinch is unavoidable). I can truly say that I've outbought myself and I don't have the urge to buy things anymore because I practically have everything X 1000.

So now, after I've opened my own blogshop and started making my own money, I find it a motivation in life to sell my items and also make sure that the things fit the person. The person has to be happy for me to be happy. I don't like unhappiness or making people cheated out of their money.

I love business. I love money making. I don't know what I'm in law. I'm not even allowed to do marketing for my firm. HMMMMMMMMM. My blogshop is a saviour really. It has allowed me to relax myself and also allowed me to discover a passion within me that was hidden. Now that it is unleashed, I'm afraid that I'd sell my whole room just for the fun of it. I might even sell my mum too. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just joking. Even on sale for 99% off also no one will dare to buy!!! :P

I hope that people will appreciate the effort I put through while modelling the mannequins and realise that I have a passion in selling and mix-and-matching, not only just bluntly selling clothes just for the sake of it. I love making things look pretty and I will definitely make sure that it looks pleasing to the eyes before I put it up on sale. That is only my personal opinion on whether the model looks nice or not. I am quite a perfectionist this way, but a SLOB in every other possible way. I haven even seen myself being so hardworking at what I'm specialised in - LAW. But for this, I can wake up at 9am just because the customer requested to see some clothes so I had to remodel the mannequins to take sample pictures for them. It is very challenging and I intend to excel in what I do (blogshop I mean!)

I think I've finally found a niche in life that I can truly say is my passion.

Really. I am finally less depressed for once.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

For those who feel like giving up...

This is not the end.. there will always be a way to solve your problems....

萧敬腾 Xiao Jing Teng

Alamak!!!!!!!! this is my new love. OMG. He's voice. Boleh DIE!!!!!

Like Chinese opera singer.

Mahai... voice so sexy... HOW CAN????

KNNBCCB!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friends :)

hahaha, this is what real friends are for when you're down in the shits.


stupid dogs!

Becuase my goggies have become such pesky little things, my dad decided to punish them.

   Don't pretend pretend act cute hor!!!! We know you both are trouble makers!!!!!!

It is true when they say trouble comes in pairs. Winky and Ting Ting both spell trouble from the front and backwards.

They destroy absolutely anything and EVERYTHING. Mostly plants and shoes. They also enjoy dragging table cloths and all the contents on the table. They are THAT strong. Well Ting Ting is, Winky is a weakling.

Anyway hor. Dad couldn't take it, so he just tied the straw balls to their necks. It's really funny seeing the dogs try to walk and run with it. Like terkang-kang like that. KEKEKEKEKEKE. I asked him, what is the point of the balls. He said, it is to distract them so they won't dig.

WTF? If you want to distract them, tie a roasted turkey to their neck lar!! that'll keep them busy!

Stupid dogs. All like to pretend innocent and give you puppy eyes!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Vintage Vanity

I am SOOOOOOO happy.

I have finally done. After months of mulling and procrastinating, I have finally set up my blogshop.

It is called The Vintage Vanity.

Basically, selling all my old shit (I have been advised against using this term as many people do not like to buy, shit).

Anyway HOR, as you all know, I am a spendthrift (well I used to). So I bought all kinds of things that I could get my hands on, and not wearing them after one time. So it's still new and pretty! Might as well sell them off.
(actually wardrobe bursting, cos I'm still buying loads of shit). So might as well make some money kan??????

I know lah, give away better, but economy so bad, must earn money k!

So, go and have a look, though the pictures aren't up yet, but I will get cracking soon ok!!

YAY :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Esther's Birthday Dinner

So I took Firefry to Krang to see Esther...then we celebrated her coming of 24 at The Curve.

Here are some pics of it (though not in order) :

Pics of me, Lynna & PS.

More lovely birthday cupcakes from her amazing friends.

Lovely Esther & Benson make an amazing couple!!!! xxxxxx

Me n Cherry came all the way from North and South just to see this super stingy woman lar!!!!!!! See we so nice!!!

Hmmm... as if only! You'll still be kitty even though you are rich lar Esther!!!!!

Toilet Camwhores kekekekeeke.

Aw, Cherry super manga man.

See, sexy women at The Curve *macam nak muntahhhhh*

Perempuans gila semua.

Aw, I miss you guys already :( Can't wait to see you all soon :(


Firefly Airlines

So last weekend I went to KL to celebrate my darling cousin Esther's birthday. We went up via Firefly and it was a good trip.

Firefly airlines land at Subang Airport which is a BIG PLUS as other airlines land at KLIA. It is so much more convenient that Firefly brings people to where they want to be on a domestic flight, and not to a God forsaken place such as sepang where the sun blazes your skin apart. Plus its an hour drive if anyone were to pick you up from the airport. Causes alot of inconvenience to you!

Subang is in the middle of everywhere, so for that, Thumbs up for you, Firefly!

I have though heard of many complaints that Firefly has the smallest aircraft and it is very unstable bla bla bla bla. To be honest, if you're destined to die, you're destined to die. Even if you're in your own bathroom, you'll have the same chances of dying as compared to you being in a tiny aircraft. Yes, I do agree that they do experience turbulence's in air, but tell me, which air flight doesn't? It's machine versus Mother Nature and even the biggest Titanic sank because of it. So go figure. There is no such need putting down an airline for its size.

There have also been complaints of delays on sitting Firefly airlines, mostly due to weather problems. Isn't it safer that you're in the airport in the midst of a storm than trying to brave it to get to your destination? Even there is delay, I think you can find some compassion that other people's lives are as important as yours, so that Firefly finds it reasonable to delay the flight till when the weather is safe to fly! So it's your appointment or your safety/other people's safety.

It's funny how Firefly seems to be rushing for time. Me and my cousin Lilie figured it's because it's such a tiny aircraft, it needed more speed and such to enable it to take off. She's an engineer, so she's probably right! HAHAHA

So this is my description of how it flew!!!

Yes, it went straight forward, then straight up! Those are all sudden movements and it sometimes knocks our breaths our, but it is all very exciting!

Quite cute lar the pic, but that's not for the faint hearted. The flight is quite smooth though.

Do you know why it's called Firefly?

It's cos they are tiny, and there are millions of them! (I should try to crack their name code. This is their motive in calling themselves Firefly so they can expand all their tiny flights all over the world! Cute!)

So when calling themselves Firefly, they are allowed to fly like this:

They like to swerve here and there, but I should think they have their own reason? Shouldn't question it though. Oh well! As long as I am there on time, it's all good!

Another big PLUS PLUS POINT :

They serve muffins and juice! FOR FREE! Some flights have to pay for even water ok! So ngiao jee!!!!!!!!!!

Some more the air stewardesses will smile sweetly at you and help you put your luggages on the top! And they also don't charge for check-ins!!!!!! Wah so amazing.

They also fly to Ipoh, but that's via Singapore, so I hope they open it via JB soon so I can go visit Cherry!!!!

And I hope they expand it to other countries as well.

Money-wise they aren't very far away from other airlines. Sometimes they are pricier, depending on the period you buy the tickets. But all is good! I don't have to land in KLIA anymore and BEG people to come pick me up!


New blogshop

I've got my mannequin, I've got my necklace display holder.

I'm setting up my blog shop to sell old my old, yet new clothes that are hardly worn.

All plus sizes tho. Nothing for me to lose I should think. Just take pics and post them up!

I really have too many clothes and things to sell. It's time I made some money instead of throwing it away!!!!!

I need some names people.

Please help?

Laff you long time :D

Dim Sum Funeral


An Irish funeral has what’s called a wake.

A Jewish funeral has what’s called sitting shiva.

A traditional Chinese Funeral is something else entirely…

In a stately home, sixty-something Mrs. Xiao (Lisa Lu) lies in her bed, immobile, eyes shut. Her longtime housekeeper and, some might say, her only friend, Viola Gruber (Talia Shire), a force of nature who’s been with the family since the kids were in diapers, must now call each of the four children to inform them their mother has passed away.

Eldest daughter Elizabeth (Julia Nickson) lives in Maui and is stuck in a marriage that is falling apart. Son Alexander (Russell Wong) is in Manhattan. A successful dermatologist, he’s married to a former Miss Taiwan (Kelly Hu) and cheating on her. Middle daughter Victoria (Francoise Yip) lives nearby. Victoria can’t stop nibbling on chips and chocolates … and can’t stop being angry with her mother. Youngest daughter Meimei (Steph Song) is the star of B-grade Hong Kong martial arts films. She’s gorgeous, funny, and a bit of a princess. She’s also in a lesbian relationship (Bai Ling) and looking to.have a baby.

All the Xiao children had issues with their mother. She was domineering, manipulative, controlling, imperious, meddlesome, selfish, secretive, rigid, and a bitch. The kids have issues with each other as well. Mrs. Xiao had made them compete for her affections, pitting one against the other, and, so, they came to view one another as opponents. And they still do.

Now, here they are, gathered in the mansion built by their late father … to bid farewell to their mother. Mrs. Xiao’s dying wish, Viola says, was to have a traditional Chinese funeral.

Coming together, albeit reluctantly, to carry out this traditional funeral, the four Xiao children discover each other all over again … and come to know their mother in ways they never fathomed, in this touching and funny look at family life.


All I can say is that the Mother is a bitch, and not one mother is perfect and make all the best or right decisions in life.

The mother pitting the children against each other, then faking her own death, is unnescessary and childish. This is her only way to seek pity from her children for all her wrong doings. Becuase she knows that she had been a bitch to all of them. So death might be the only way to bring all her children together.

She might have a good cause for faking her own death. But wtf man, in real life, I hardly doubt that that shit will happen.

This part tugged at the soft string in my heart, "she made me leave the only man I ever loved". I mean, how can a mother possibly do that ? I bet its for her own selfish ways and for SAVING FACE. The whole movie was banging on how the mother wanted to SAVE HER OWN FACE at the expense of her children's happiness and treating them like shit.

Man that was a good movie. Totally described a real life family situation.

Thumbs up for this movie!

And the actors and actresses are all great. Especially Bai Ling. She cracks me up!



I've been using Photoscape for some time now, and I've got to say, it's amazing.
I've used many kinds of programs to edit pictures, and I have to say, this is far by the best.

It's really easy to use, lots of effects and stuff, and it's FREE!!!

Check out its functions below:

If you wish to download it, you can do it here!

Miss Kitty

Dear Esther,

Please don't be so kitty (ngiao ji/stingy/kedekut/lingse) anymore can?

I lap you lots lots.


Miss Per.

Nipple Cupcakes

Well, they obviously aren't nipple cupcakes, but they DO look similar like them.

Then I got all excited (because I'm that dirty minded) and started asking people to take pics of dumb me playing with it.

Me & Cherry being stupid.

See, we're still being stupid.


Ok ok. I know, its getting a little OTT.

I'm such an embarrassment!

Super happy lor. The cupcakes were so sweet tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitsubishi Lanjiao Lancer

I was in Klang was I saw the most horrific thing in my whole entire life.

A Wira trying to pass off as a Mitsubish Lancer.

Lanjiao lah, Lancer!

Nabeh!!!!! Drive Wira very shameful meh?! HARR????

Kanina. People who are not happy with what they have (contradicting myself I know), still wanna pimp their car until its a freaking laughing stock on the road.

Some more wanna siiiim car during traffic jam. You think you very cool isit?


NABEH. See the pic also dulan.

Fucking idiot.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Animal print manicure

My tiger skin print manicure.

How are you liking ?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Joanna - exposed

I know that this will be a tack post. It is really rather cheesy to be blogging about your own personal character and make a freaking analysis out of it. But I think it's high time to put Joanna under the microscope and have a closer look to who I potentially am.

Let me start off with my bad traits.

  • I am easily jealous : Not of other girls though, but of love give by people. Let's say in my family, I'd be jealous if my mother showed extra care and love for my brother (because indeed she loves him the most) and here I am trying very hard to please my mother for her to love me as much as she loves him. But alas, we all know, love is never fair. As for boyfriends, I will not allow them to talk to girls or even look at them. But in all honesty we know that my rule has been broken a million and one times by ALL my bfs. It is virtually impossible to keep your eyes, hands and mouth to yourself. It's in their blood to actually want to talk to the opposite sex. So usually when this happens, I end up verbally emasculating them and making shit loads of death threats then end up crying saying I'm never good enough and that they're cheating on me, and that they never loved me at all. BLA BLA BLA. You know the works and all my dramatic actions.
  • I am well paranoid : Whether be it ghosts in the corner of my room, to checking the door several times to see if its locked (its more commonly known as OCD), I'm well aware of Murphy's law and am a great fan and practitioner of it - "Anything bad that will happen, WILL and ALWAYS happen." I personally think that Murphy has destroyed my life ever since I sat at my old uni's library spending 30 minutes just copying down his laws which were hung on the walls, instead of studying for exams. From there, my paranoia as gotten the better of me. Anything possible, and ALWAYS negative, WILL happen. Hence I get many remarks that I'm always so negative and down. Guess what? Go BLAME Murphy. He planted these seeds of negative thoughts into my mind.
  • I have an IN-YOUR-FACE character : Speaks for itself.
  • I have an explosive temper : It's like a switch. Once you piss me off, that switch clicks and you're in deep trouble.I will and absolutely will destroy you and EVERYTHING next to you. No one has yet to figure out a way to calm me. But don't worry, I will only explode when you're extremely unreasonable and stupid. And that will only happen at home where parents and dogs roam free. And I will ALWAYS blow things out of proportion.
  • I am easily affected by what people say about me : Be it bollocks, harsh words, anything negative, and I'm screwed for the day. I end up in tears, the questioning myself if its really true, then pyscho myself that it's true for in every lie/joke/insult there has to be some truth in it. See? Negative negative. The self doubt that they've instilled in me is so strong that it has run unconciously.
  • I am very impatient : When I want something, I want it NOW.
  • I love procrastinating : Nothing beats the thrill of doing something - last minute. I hate completing something immediately, especially when I don't have to. If it's urgent to be done, then I have no choice but to complete it on the spot. If I have time on my hands, be rest assured that "work" is the last thing on my mind.
  • I am attracted to clutter : I love clutters. And I know exactly where my stuff is beneath all the clutter. I hate neatness. Everything goes missing when its neat. Is this perhaps why my life is so messy? Perhaps!
  • I am not confident in myself : How can you be when you've been convinced while growing up that no one will love you when you're not skinny!? HAh. I know now that's totally untrue and that there will always be someone to love you, no matter what you are. But its still droning at the back of my head that the guy who loves you will prolly leave you for greener pastures! It really does take a toll in a relationship when all you do is tell a guy that you know that he's going to leave you anyway!
  • I plan too far ahead of my life : And suffer now. Becuase we know nothing you plan will come true at the end. And you get so frustrated along the way becuase nothing is coming to as planned. Then you question yourself where you've gone wrong, when all the while you should have grasped the idea that YOU CANNOT PREDICT THE FUTURE AND MOLD IT YOUR WAY. If you believe in fate, you got to believe that everything happens for a reason.
  • I am too soft hearted : I will forgive people no matter how fucked up they've treated me. I always beat myself up for that because I know that its a sick cycle and they will continue making use of your soft heartedness and get to you each and everytime and after that they'll beg you for forgiveness then you forgive them bla bla bla. It goes round and round. You'll get the idea.
  • I love sugar coating things : That's only if I'm not close to you. If I'm close to you, I will tell you that an apple is an apple. An apple will not have maple candy coated over it.
  • When I'm super emo, sense and logic do not apply anymore : When I'm really upset, no matter how much you try to comfort me, I only listen to my own self and there is NO ONE who can tear down that wall I built around my heart. EMO kan? :D So, please don't ignore me and stop comforting me, because it's nice to know you care, but only I don't wish to heed your advise, I still appreciate it tho!
  • I will make you feel as shitty as you made me feel : Yes yes, I am Queen of Verbal revenge, however I do not believe of physically avenging my broken heart. But, with my dagger tongue, be rest assured I will make you feel that you were never born. And you will ALWAYS regret saying things about me that hurts me. This only apply to selective people at my will.
  • I am emotionally attached to people whom I know may not always be right/good for me : And give them the privilege to trample on my dreams and hopes and views and opinions like they didn't matter to begin with.
  • I get depressed easily : However I believe this has been years of pent up resentment and loath and misery cast upon me by people I love the most.
  • I'm too afraid to stand up for myself to my family : Because if I were to have it my way and for me to be happy, they'd all die of heartache sooner or later.
  • I am very stubborn : the more you don't want me to do something, the more I will do it. Vice versa. Unless there's a big bribe there as to why I should be doing it, rest assured that I won't budge an inch.
  • I am passive aggressive : Read all about it here.
  • I secretly seek for approval : Even though it is not very obvious. I want people to like me. I am thinking it started from home that I have always tried to seek approval from thy parents and I always seem to be doing the wrong thing and displeasing them. And they end up loving the bright one more, the one who could speak words of honey and win their heart. It is likewise in a group of friends, because you know, no man is an island. You will always require friends to aid you when you fall.
  • I get bored really quick : I used to change boyfriends like underwear, and buy clothes that I would only wear once. My attention span is that of a gnat (ie fly). It is so short, I always day dream at work and at school. Once I lose interest in the guy, there is no way in hell he'll get back my interest gain.
  • I am not strong enough to fight for what I want and to protect myself : This is because I am totally ultra weak and useless. Period.
  • I flirt my way out : to get what I want. Don't lie, I'm sure you all do it too.
  • I am always dissatisfied with what I have : This is what Cherry said about me " the kind like u see 2 birds then u let go of the one bird in ur hand, and try to catch the two birds, cuz u so disatisfied with ur one bird, and then one day u beh tahan u throw it away,but then when u fail to tangkap the 2 birds u mega dulan, loose everything n den go spiralling down hell" - this is a spot on description of what I really am. You're amazing, Cherry!
So, I've probably exposed to the whole world what kind of terrible person I am!I think it's about time I start bragging about my good points to balance off my bad!

  • I bring sunshine into people's lifes : If you don't believe me, ask the many people who's lifes are so dark and dim. They're so glad that someone SO SILLY like me waltz's into their lives and make it a slightly happier place to be in. I am starting to find that despite all my sad stories, there are always people who have sadder stories and need someone like me to make them see some light in their lives :)
  • I genuinely love people : I don't love you because you're rich or good looking, or have many other benefits. If I say I love you (be it friends, family or bfs) I really do. And even if I don't say it, you can see that I do love you.
  • I will always support you if what you're doing makes you happy : Unless its morally wrong for me to do so. So if you think marrying a pineapple or a cat makes you happy, GO AHEAD! Life is short, don't spend it on other people's views (if only I can tel myself that!!!!!)
  • I am always empathetic towards people's situation and always try to find a way out for them : It affects me to see people upset and if it's within my powers, I will try to make it all better for them.
  • Laughter is medicine : I am always laughing and giggling. This is quite contagious, but when I laugh, I truly laugh. I don't give polite obligatory fake shit gentle laughs. When I laugh, I laugh it from the heart!
  • I am very good at making people feel at ease : This is because I am very friendly and warm. I used to be overly friendly and then SCARING people off, but I've learnt to deal with now I'm older and only USE abit of the friendliness, but nevertheless make people calm down and feel at home.
  • I love mingling with people : Anti-social people hates me.
  • No matter how shitty your life is, mine will always be shittier : This is what I will tell people whenever they're having a bad day, because you know your life is shittier and they'll feel better knowing that they're not the worse. It's all psychology man.
  • I don't control people : If you're who you want to be, you go ahead and be that person. I will still love you for who you are. This only applies to friends, and not my bfs. He's the only one person I will try to change to improve him (that'll depend on how stubborn he is also lah, if stubborn like cow like that I also boh pian right?)!
  • I really love love the people I love : For example WK. Ask her what I allow her to do! You guys will know it whether I truly love you anot lar! (Fran, Esther etc etc etc)
  • I am very generous : with help, love, kind words, hugs and all sorts of goodies. If comfort is what you need, shit loads of comfort is what you get. I will even give you a place on the foot of my bed to sleep on.
  • I believe in Karma : anything bad done or said will come back to you a million times worse. That is why when I realise I've said something wrong I always slap mysslef on the cheeks. I know it doesn't counter out the bad things I've done, but at least I've punished myself for it.
  • I don't despise people : no matter what situation they are in. I believe that everyone plays a role in this society and everyone is important. So FUCK all those people who think that road sweepers or dvd sellers are the most useless people on earth. Without the roadsweeper you think your roads gonna clean themselves isit with your I-love-throwing-rubbish-on-the-roadside attitude! Then you'll be travelling in filth, you snobs. If they are no DVD sellers you think you can get your regular porn? Or DVDs at RM4? You'll have to spend bloody RM12 to go to the cinemas! And we all know that asians are all CHEAPSKATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok lah, no more lah, I cannot think anymore! If you have anymore to add, please feel free!

Sunny Disposition

Just to show you that I have a sunny disposition as well instead of an all-time sad daft sod.


Flat Arse

If theres something that I have to whine about (next to my really huge tummy), it's my really super duper flat arse.

I know its really common among asian chicks (except the malays and the indians - or anyone darker skin coloured). You see that malays, indians and other races have really amazing perky arses. It's just not fair! Their bodies are also MUCH shapelier than ours. We're just stuck with straight bodies for being fair (God indeed is fair in giving) - so hey no one is perfect.

Look at my flat arse man. Just look at it.

Look at how loose the underwear is on my left butt cheek. It's practically flapping against the wind for the lack of arse fats.

Can you see? my arse is PARALLEL with my back.

Argh. Misery of miseries!

i can't wear clothes that is bursting at the top (mah boobies) and reallllllllllllly baggy and loose at the bum area.

Haih... :(