Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Review

How quick time flies, it's already end of 2009. So many things done, so many tears shed, so much money spent, so many places been to.. the list goes on.

Lets have a review on what I've done this year :

  • been to melbourne.
  • been to hongkong and macau.
  • have 2 new puppies in the family
  • became an aunt for the first time.
  • renounced my title as an aunt for the first time too - the kid is monstrous!
  • realised that my job is a nightmare.
  • reloved the colour pink
  • nearly had a heart attack when my ipod died.
  • had many breakdowns every now and then
  • finally let go.
  • opened my own blogshop and started earning some side money.
  • cooked the entire christmas meal.
  • finally celebrated Fran's birthday for the first time ever since i knew her.
  • stopped being friends with a particular someone.
  • wind down the window and told a dick to fuck off the roads and drive properly.
  • stopped having any expectations in people. they just hurt you.
  • realised that I'm actually all alone.
  • lost most of my memory.
  • I
  • can't
  • remember
  • anything
  • more
  • that
  • happened
  • this
  • year
  • fuck
  • i
  • must
  • be
  • getting
  • old
  • my
  • memory
  • is
  • waning
  • fuck
  • fuck
  • fuck
  • fuck
  • fuck
Fuck it's true. I can't remember anything that I've done after a couple of months. Or have I not done anything fantabulous this year? Fuck I can't remember.

Oh fuck it.

Happy New Year!!!!!!! :)

love love xxx

Monday, December 28, 2009

DIY wallpaper

ok... so I'm bored of my life.....and also my walls.. I have decided on a DIY room make over with wrapping papers and adhesive spray! I know it's probably gonna be a flop, but who'll ever know if you never try!

I bought 4 wrapping papers cos it's less than a dollar each so people can have a look and help me decide which one is the best one pls kthxbai. if it all doesnt work out they'll become gift wraps!

was thinking of having one feature wall. What do you think?


this is a dulled vibrant flower wrapping paper with rain-glass -stained effect going on. Tot it was quite pretty!

No. 2

This is a bold hibiscus pattern. very bright and cheerful!


the camera phone does not do this any justice. the colours are much nicer and more pastel. perhaps this can go on all my walls. I dono.


stupid camera. totally ruining the colour effect of this one. It is actually very pretty yellow!



simple love

The simplest things are actually the ones that brings the most smile.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Stumbled onto another beautiful song.


Singapore registered car causes deaths in family

Man and two sons die in burning van after crash


TANGKAK: A church worker and his two sons were burnt to death after their van crashed into another vehicle and burst into flames late Saturday.

Another son died hours later at the hospital.

Ong Duu Siong, 46, and sons Zhen Suai, seven, and Zhen Zhee, four, died on the spot while another son Zhen Jie, three, died at the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital in Muar.

Death trap Curious onlookers gathering to look at the vehicle that burst into flames killing Ong and two of his children soon after the accident near Parit Bunga off Tangkak in Johor late on Saturday night. A third son died at the hospital later

Ong’s wife Tan Yee King and their one-year-old son Zhen Li were also rushed to the hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Ledang police chief Supt Harun Idris said the accident occurred at 11.30pm when the family was near Parit Bunga.

Ong, who worked with the Calvary Church in Muar, was driving behind a Singapore-registered car when the car suddenly turned into a house.

A car coming from the opposite direction swerved to avoid crashing into the Singapore-registered car and rammed instead into Ong’s van, he said.

The van skidded and burst into flames.

Ong was partly burnt but his sons were charred beyond recognition. He said their identification documents were also burnt.

Although Tan had no external injuries, she was traumatised, he said, adding that the police had detained the driver of the Singapore-registered car.

Meanwhile, relatives who gathered at the hospital asked reporters not to interview Tan as she was not well and needed emergency treatment.


I'm sorry to say this. But, FUCK YOU FOREIGN DRIVERS WHO DRIVE RECKLESSLY IN MALAYSIA. Fuck you for causing deaths on our roads. Fucking stay out of Malaysia if you can't drive properly.

Think you're so good at driving? THink again. Stop killing innocent people with your horrible driving.

I think the Star was being political by stating 'singapore-registered' cars, because truth be told, even if it were a malaysian driving that car, they wouldn't drive like pricks.

You all who cause accidents and fatalities in malaysia deserve to rot in jail and for the rest of your lifes.

Fuck you. I despise all you terrible arrogant foreign drivers.

So when you come to Malaysia and tell us how terrible we are because you got robbed, this is your karma for driving so terribly on our roads. You probably deserved it being conceited and all.

P/s: this is not referring to ALL foreign drivers. I know some who drive sensibly. So for those who don't give a shit about our Malaysian-poor-economy-backward-lives, read and be warned.

How to live happily with your mother-in-law

I've seen lots of daughters in law who can't get along with their mother in laws and I can't blame either parties.

Mother in laws can be mean, and you, daughter in laws arent much better. It's like you've graduated from the University of Bitchyness! No wonder you guys can't get along! No one is perfect so stop victimising yourself and making everyone pity you!

Here are some surefire steps to ensure that you'll live happily ever after with your mother in law!

1) You can choose to move out.

That is if you and your husband can afford it. Real property prices are shooting up drastically and you and him already have the bank loans for the car. Are you sure you can afford to move out? If you can, by all means. And by all means means you'd have to eat sand dirt and grass for the next 35 yrs and have 3kids made out of cardboxes if you stubbornly decide to move out when you are already in debt!

2) Stop being so bitchy and demanding and listen to your mother in law.

She asks you to eat dirt, you eat dirt. There is no such thing as human rights when you're living with your mother in law. She is the law and the government. And opposition parties usually get murdered off. So, better be smart.

And you're probably spoilt when you were living with YOUR PARENTS, but things have changed now. You're no longer living in your own home have you? You've moved into new territory so tread carefully cos there are hidden landmines out there.

You can't have your way. Its bad enough that you have to take your own rice at home, but now, you have to clear up for others and also the whole table!

Do you know what wedding dowry means? That means, buying you off your parents so you can work for the in laws for ETERNITY.

3) Stop fucking around.

With the TV, in your room, with the father in law, your brother in law. Just stop fucking around when you're married. You now belong solely to your mother in law and your husband is only a puppet in this evil game.

Stop messing about. Stop hiding in your room when its dinner time. You should be around helping or at least preparing it.

Wash your own clothes, your own underwear. Wash the whole house. No one is your slave in this new house. Take the initiative to wash other people's clothes too, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't ruin them.

4) Stop bootlicking the father in law or just innocently flirting with him thinking you'll get a better life there.

That'll make you the ultimate slut. You want your husband and you want your life to be easier. Well guess what? You're wrong. You're totally barking up the wrong tree and even worse, make an old man lust after you. Snatching your mother in laws husband is what the whole neighbourhood will think of you when words get out. Always have minimal talk with the male counterparts of the family lest they think you're hitting on them.

Your mother in law is head of the household. If she owns the kitchen, she owns the whole house.

5) Be nice to your sister in law.

She is your gateway to slightly less torturous life in hell. It's about time you bribe her with everything you can. But make sure not to blackmail her. She is more evil than you think and she will most definitely wipe you out if she finds you a threat to her. Do not make your mother in law love you more than her. Because, like her mother the Empress Dowager, she will snipe you in your sleep.

6) Be nice - start early.

When you're dating there a few simple rules to remember :

- NEVER enter your bf's room alone with him when you're dating for the first few months. Always be in the living hall where your future mother in law will have good view of you and that you're a decent girl (which you obviously arent!) hahahahaha. mother in laws will have that bad impression that you're a whore when you go to their sons room the first few times you go round their place. They don't say it, but TRUST ME, they feel it, and tell their daughters too. So stay in the halll and make small chit chat.

- ALWAYS buy gifts when you go to your in law's house. Unless hes stopping for a pee or a change of clothes, there's always a need to get stuff such as fruits, wine, cookies for your mother in law. Goes to show you have manners and your mother has brought you up well.

- NEVER wear skimpily to your bf's house, or anything that screams WHORE!

- ALWAYS praise her cooking, house decoration, son and anything you can find. But don't over do it. Tastefully is the key word here. Women love being praised and its like an energy they feed off it.

7) Always agree with your mother in law - especially in front of people.

She is Empress Dowager. She will send snipes to kill you when you're asleep should you go against her, especially in public. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

8) Always greet her happily and loudly.

It's only common sense that Mother in laws like to see smiles when people are calling them. And they don't like being called 'ma' or 'mother' softly or having those words mumbled.

9) Serve your Husband like a King.

Not your father in law, Your husband. Your father in law is your mother in law's responsiblity. not yours. That's why she married him and not you. Do not make your husband YOUR SLAVE in front of his mother, no matter how much your husband loves you and wants to do everything for you. It will be disrespect for him and his mum. And she will kill you in your sleep knowing that her precious son is being treated like a slave when you ARE their family's slave to start off.

10) Learn to cook.

Your mother in law cant be cooking forever, and your new family can't be eating instant noodles and takeaways for ever. It's time to learn the family's tastebuds and take over the cooking role (gracefully, not by force). If your mother in law still wants to cook, help her in the kitchen. Never try to pry her away from her wok because inshahallah, she will clobber you to death with her 100yr old wok. If your cooking is bad, it is ok. But it is not ok, everyday for 6 months. You got to improve drastically everyday because every second is a ticking bomb in your new household.

11) Wake up early.

Every mother in law wants her daughter in law to be an asset, not a liability. So you can't sleep in anymore after you've married into the new family. You got to be up by 8am scrubbing the porch floors and making everyone breakfast. It's unfair I know when the sister in law sleeps till 2pm but thats life, and when she marries, and inshahallah into a simpler less tryannic family, she'll will get her fair share of living with the in laws.

12) Follow the Empress Dowager to the market.

Because you're her new slave and you should help out in the family.

13) No more staying out late.

You are someone's wife now. So no more partying with friends lest you want a bad impression on your mother in law that you're not ready to settle down and having grandkids.

14) Do not starve your kids.

These are for women who have kids and are living (or visiting) their mother in laws. No grandparents want to see skinny kids. NO ONE. So start feeding your kids lard so they look like mini-michellin men! Do this until your in laws pass away then you can start majoring dieting them into your desired shape and size.

15) Bite your tongue.

No matter how much you want to scream at your mother in law and tell her that shes a fucking old hag, zip it. Once its out you better prepare to move out - back to your mother's house.

So unless you're lucky enough to move out (which you HAVE to spare a room for your in laws incase they come to visit), then I'm sorry you're pretty much stuck with them!

Hope you find these pointers useful! and Good luck! HAHAHA

How to stop office gossip

This is how to stop office gossip (unless that person is your boss):

Works 100% of the time!

Good luck!

Antony and the Johnsons

When I was in England I got introduced to this band, Antony and the Johnsons.

He's voice is beautiful. He is androgynous, ie, transgender. But still beautiful. And the lyrics of this song is even more beautiful.

I fell in love with a dead boy

I find you with red tears in your eyes
I ask you what is your name
You offer no reply
Should I call a doctor
Before I fear you might be dead
But I just lay down beside you
And held your hand

I fell in love with you
Now you're my one, only one
'Cause all my life I've been so blue
But in that moment you fulfilled me

Now I'll tell all my friends
I fell in love with a dead boy
Now I'll tell my family
I wish you could have met him

Now I write letters to Australia
Now I throw bottles out to sea
I whisper the secret in the ground
No one's gonna take you away from me

I fell in love with a dead boy
Oh, such a beautiful boy
I fell in love with a dead boy
Oh, such a beautiful boy

An amazing song that deserves a standing ovation. The MV was of him singing in real person. You should check out the whole song. Really tugs at the heart strings.

Tsubame Hydrating Mask

I was given a few samples of Tsubame's hydrating birds nest mask to try on. And before you read on I have to warn you that my skin is always in an atrocious state. My skin tone is uneven and red. Red because my skin is so dry and it sorta 'cracks' [that's how the facial parlour tells me]. My skin is internally oily and extremely dry on the outside. It's fucked up I know but there's nothing I can do about it (now).

I've tried several kinds of hydrating masks and it always turns out a sham and I've really pretty much given up hope on masks (except my beauty diary, thats still good in my books).

So with a little skeptism and optimism, let's give Tsubame's mask a try shall we?

I was told that they'd redo the packaging soon so that the whole thing be red and the floral designs would be silver! or soemthing like that!

See my skin? So red and blotchy. Feel so sad for it. But, what to do? I go for facials and its still like that. Goes to show that my money has been washed down the drains. These facial place are always trying to con your money!


No photoshop is done here. My skin is as it is.

So I took out the mask and put it on. The hydrating liquid has texture and is thick. It's not watery like those cheap ones. It's more of a watery gel kind. smells good, not that nose prickling smell.

So when I put it on, it doesn't feel asif its prickling my skin. That's when you know there's alcohol present, which is even worse for the skin. So, this goes to show that that theres no alcohol, or minimal usage of it, so its gentle for the skin!

After 10mins, or when your skin starts to itch, thats your cue to take it off cos your skins giving you a sign its had enough.

this is how it looks after I took it off :

cant see the difference?

heres a side to side!

You can see the redness slightly gone (which shows that your skin is at least slightly hydrated), which goes to show that ------


Can support this brand, cos it will soon be rivalling My beauty diary!

Salon shock

I was at the salon getting my hair washed and blown and jumped out of my bones when I saw this :

Turns out the top was mirror and the bottom was glass and I could totally see that the other guy sitting opposite me! I was so shocked to see myself sitting like that! and my legs were skinny! and so scary! and I was wearing flip flops! and I thougt he looked totally gay!(from his legs)

And having known that, I keep scaring myself everytime I look down cos I was sitting like this !:

My favourite kang kang position! but i only do that in private! HAHAHAHAHA! We don't want me flashing my knickers out there do we?


Because no one had time to look after her on saturday/everyone either ran away shopping/died out/hid in their rooms/garden/pretending to sleep, I had to take care of the little devil.

So, I had stuff of my own to do too.

Not surprising that I have a life too ok!


I paraded my sleeping buddies in front of her to take care of her!

Look her how entertained she is with Sebastian!


Joanna necklace

oh well I didn't get my 24k gold Carrie necklace which costs a bomb,
but I did get a hand made stainless steel Joanna necklace which cost a fraction of it - and is more practical but less fancy! HAHAHAHAHAHa.

Thank you honey!


Eyebrow reading

I got bored last night (as usual) after watching Jennifer's body then just stared at my face in the mirror for several minutes.

Apart from the usual blemishes, black heads and break outs, I was dissatisfied with something else on my face.

My eyebrows.

Recently, I've come to notice that my eyebrows were somewhat - slanting downwards.

In chinese old wife's tale/folklore/superstition, eyebrows slanting down represented bad luck.

Eyebrows will be known as 眉 mei2

and the slanting downwards will be 倒 dao3

So it goes together as 倒眉 dao3 mei2 which would mean - BAD LUCK!!!!!!


well actually it wasn't a bad luck brow, it was just round, the way the lady threaded my eyebrows cos my face was round! but I didn't really like having round eye brows cos, you know, it made me look like a clown!!!!!!!! so sad right!!!!

Anyway, heres a list of eyebrow readings for your pleasure.

  • Straight eyebrows (The logical): When eyebrows are like a straight line then this person is a logical thinker. If you want to convince him of something, only use logic and proofs; don't try to convince him using emotions like saying "Hey, this is good; I feel it's nice" instead tell him something like "It has lots of benefits, number one is bla bla and number two is bla bla bla". Using a pen and a paper is the best way to convince such a person as you can point out all the advantages and disadvantages of the issue you are talking about.

  • Meeting eyebrows (The non-stop thinker): when the eye brows are connected; when they meet each other through a bridge of hair, this person is a non-stop thinker. Such a person can't relax; he is always thinking and evaluating everything around him. If you relate to this category, make sure you learn how to relax so as not to harm your health. That person may have sleeping problems when approaching a major event in his life, on account of all the thinking he does.

  • Angled eyebrows (The authority seeker): You must take a great deal of care when dealing with such a person. That person, with angled eyebrows that kind of form an inverted "v" shape, is always seeking control and authority; try noticing how many presidents had angled eyebrows, you'd be surprised. Those people usually fight fiercely for authority and high status and positions. If you want to get along with this person, make him feel important; try to catch his name on your first meeting so you can use it again. motivating that person is very easy, just give him more control and make him feel that everything is depending on him.-------> my real eyebrows >_<

  • Thin eye brows (The sensitive): Very thin eyebrows may mean that this person is overly sensitive, especially if he has delicate facial features, like small eyes, nose or mouth. When dealing with that person, pay extra attention not to hurt him as he is more sensitive to external stimulus than other people.

  • Curved eye brows (The friendly): A person with curved eyebrows (sometimes called round) is a friendly person by nature, the same as the person with round face features; round cheeks or chin. This person understands best by examples and metaphors. ------>I know she did this cos round faces people are meant to have round eyebrows! but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will not succumb to this!

so my eye brow kinda looks like this now! pls don't mind my blemishes! HAHAHA. Quite nice lar I think. I shaved half of it off then drew half of it at the back. Just a simple experiment, wouldnt hurt cos eyebrows grow back in no time!

And just for the fun of it, I spent my afternoon making flower stuff for hairbands and pins! Look how nicely they turn out! will be posting them for sale soon on my other blog!

Jennifer's Body

I just watched this movie. I know I am a tad late on watching megan fox's hot body. But better late than never.

And yes, she's smoking hot.

So basically the movie is about this 2 bffs who are completely and totally different. They go for a gig one night and the bar burns down, jennifer gets entralled by the band leader who lures her into his van and they drive into the forest and performs a satanic virgin sacrifice on her. The thing is that she isn't a virgin and hence instead of her dying, the demon enters her and she becomes a succubuss and has to eat human flesh to sustain her hunger bla bla bla.

She starts to lure boys in her school and feeds off them and eventually ate her bff's boyfriend (what a bitch I know. I also know that bff's like her do that-alot). It's their sense of insecurity or the need to validate themselves by stealing other people's guys or something like that.

But ANYWAY, the bff, Needy, gets fucking pissed off and kills her. The END.

The main point of the story is, there was a girl on girl kissing scene with her bff Needy and it was pretty hot. Like, omg wish I was in Needy's position now hot.

PFFFFFFFFFFT. don't tell me you girls don't fancy JENNIFER!

OH THE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My second bro fixed my ipod with his da vinci code thingy.

HE IS THE BEST (for about a few days). and I promised not to bully him or bad mouth him for a month! HAHHHHHHH


Sex and the City 2


The SEX AND THE CITY 2 TRAILER IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so excited I could throw up.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Yes, yes, merry f-ing christmas, f-ers. So how did you spend your Christmas? Mine was stuck all day in the kitchen roasting, sauteing, marinating, choping, grinding, blending and bla bla bla. It was so tiring that I woke up with a backache today! All the freaking dishes were prepared by me! So was the SANGRIA! Man, that was yummy and potent! HAHAHAHA

I really deserve a nobel prize for preparing so many dishes! The brocolli soup was FANTASTIC. Commendable. I AM GREAT AT COOKING ! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

Then the Sangria and other hard liqour kicked in and we ended up making a fool of ourselves!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dead ipod

After 4 long gruelling years with me, my ipod nano has finally given up on me. 4 fucking years. Mind you its only a 2gb ipod, containing only 423 songs, but it's brought me all over the world.


I was praying to God at church to resuscitate it, but to no avail. What is gone is gone. I am terribly upset. Even more devastated that an item that has seen me through more boyfriends than my camera does.

It has been to Holland, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Venice, Rome, England, Dublin, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore (duh),Cambodia, Thailand. It has been every where. We were in such a committed relationship. I don't know what gave way. Of course I'd change its characteristics every once in a while, but overall, I still loved it whole heartedly.

I wanted to put in more new songs today so I could bring my sound system into the living room so I could listen to it when I cook the fucking Christmas dinner. NOW CHRISTMAS IS FUCKING RUINED BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE MY SONGS TO DANCE TO.

My life is empty. Music is my life. My senheiser earphones are a godsent, but without my ipod, it's just like a fat kid without a fried chicken - incomplete.

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I was praying that it was only out of battery. But WHAT FUCK, I charged it but to no avail.

Maybe it's time to move on and get cheap skate china made ipods which are cheap and affordable. No more expensive crap for me that will break later on. I'm just upset that the AMAZING songs that I have inside are gone.Upset perhaps is another freaking understatement. Here I am at 4am blogging on Christmas day. My 2nd bro and his gf are freaking drunk and I had to babysit them tonight - all the while thinking hoping and wishing that my ipod would miraculously cure itself and come back to life. No fucking life.

Have a merry fucking christmas everyone, it's my blog and I curse if I want to!

I am currently subscribed to Because, I really am keksim (heartache).

I hope your christmases are much better than mine!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Menu

okokokok. Newly revised Xmas menu list for tomorrow's dinner :

1) Roasted whole pork loins

2) Chicken meatballs in bolognaise Sauce

3) Pigs in Blanket (mini cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon)

4) Spam sushi

5) Tuna Corn Pasta

6) Mince beef pasta

7) Garlic Potatoes

8) Brocolli Soup

9) Sauteed Mushrooms

10) Almond Jelly

11) Konyaku longan Jelly

12) icebox oreo cupcakes

13) White and Rose Sangria

You all can imagine how I'm going to perform this feat.I actually have to start making some TODAY! How stressful is that! Good thing I'm on half day leave! Desserts to be prepared today first!

And midnight mass later on! *sigh*


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am a stupid driver!

If you're unlucky enough to receive this from me, stuck on your windscreen with elephant glue (or any other part of your car which I deem fit),

Then you are truly a stupid driver and you should really consider getting off the road and let someone else qualified drive you, asshole.

Thanks Tammy for the big tip (perhaps also a syndicate of this anger management issue?) !


Asshole drivers

If there's one thing I hate about assholes, it will be assholes on the roads, driving cars.

My goodness, I tell you, their stupidity outdoes them ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
Its like they've graduated from the University of Oxymorons.

WTF man, drive on your own lane, if you are slow, go to the 3rd lane. Don't freaking hog the express lane.

If you don't know how to do side parking, don't try it at other people's expense and time. You'll only infuriate us more.

If you're old, please just stay at home and not drive out. Do you know how dangerous it would be not only to you, but also to us?

If you can't drive properly, please permanently migrate back to KL or SG (hah, thats a mean joke).

ANYWAYS. About Singaporean drivers in JB. If you don't know our fucking roads, then get off it! Don't treat it like your grandfather's road and take your own sweet time ok. I know your cars much nicer than ours, but nonit to hao lian drive like turtle like that ok? Want to turn corner also dono how to turn, scared our curb eat your car isit? (acutually Malaysians act like this in Singapore and we get honked off the roads because of it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

While I'm on that matter, it doesnt matter if you're a Singaporean or a person just unfamiliar in the territory. It doesn't give you the right to drive like an idiot on the roads. I may not be a good driver, but I'm pretty good at side parkings, butt parkings, and not simply parking anywhere I like. I got principles wan ok? Just so your car big can park anywhere you like and ask other people fuck off isit? Diu nia seng.

Actually JB alot of drivers who also drive like cock. Fucking hell, at least the Singaporean drivers are slow and steady. JB drivers like F1 racers ok with cheap cars. Want to turn no signal. Don't want to turn signal like hell. Nabeh. Want that particular carpark space faster rush into it scared people take.

This happened today :

Me and mum went grocery shopping. We were about to turn into a car park lot when a mercedes (from another entrance to the car park lot) zoomed into the space. WTF man we had to emergency break. Cars are not supposed to go at this speed and thank goodness mum's emergency break was quick if not he can kiss his wife n kid bye bye. Fucker still got cheek. I wind down my window and fuck gao him. I said " Next time drive please know how to slow down and see if there's any other cars turning (it was a blind spot for cars coming my direction while it wasn't for him)." Then he said, " so many parking spaces what".

Then I super dulan already. I shouted. "JUST FUCKING BRAKE NEXT TIME YOU'RE COMING ROUND THE CORNER. WHAT IF OTHER CAR CRASHES INTO YOU? YOU DON'T WANT YOUR FAMILY'S LIFE ISIT? !@)(#!)!@($!*(*!(#*!@(*)!(@!)(!!!!!!!!!" along with other vulgarities.

I was so pissed, I was about to go down and fuck gao him somemore. Nia seng drive merc den nonit to die? Cibai laoniang blood boil lor. My mother was so afraid I'd go down and slap him she told me to cool down. Lanjiao fucker still got cheek to pretend nothing wrong and that it was rightful of him to spend in an enclosed parking lot. He's father buy the whole building wan meh? Even if he bought, his mother never teach him road manners wan meh? CCB!

If you think I have anger problems, you are mistaken. I HATE STUPID UNREASONABLE PEOPLE. If you drive slowly and still want to go in, well let you. But if you act like its your fucking birthright, then don't expect me to be kind to you.

Spam Musubi!

I stumbled onto this recipe when I was looking through ZakkaLife (who has btw, SO MANY GREAT DIY IDEAS!!!!).

And at once I've never felt so hungry before.

I'm so making this for the christmas dinner as little bites.

Everyone loves SPAM!


Ever since I went to England and had my first taste of studded belts, I was HOOKED.

Now that the stud fashion is back, I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT.

Everything I get now, I'd get it with studs, or stud shaped. They are just so cool! More of a rocker chick look, this phase!

Love it lar. It's s metallic and shiny (we know I have a problem with shiny stuffs)

My god, check out these shoes ok!

Some say its out of fashion already, but who cares as long as I love them! Yay for studs! :D:D:D


Recently my cousin Bobby egged me on to join this group called 'Tsubame' on facebook. So I was like OK, perhaps they're promoting this on a sideline, so why not support your cousin ya?

So it turns out, he OWNS Tsubame. I was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. How can you own a birdsnest line? You're only 26! ANYWAY, that wasn't the main point. The main point was the packaging and the aesthetic were too professional for a Malaysian home grown brand.

Here let me show you :

Super professional right? They not only sell birds nest, they also sell birds nest hydrating mask and also on consignment (or something like that) an amazing LED lip gloss! I will go into those later!

But first let me show you how cute my cousin is!!

Bobby Ang! He used to live with me when I was little and he was in college and we are really close! Look how adorable he is! It amazes me how he's really grown up and doing something useful in his life! I really don't know who that girl next to him is. Promoter or soemthing like that!

SO ANYWAY HOR, they are selling these lip glosses packed with LED lights. I don't know why he came to me when he first started this business. He said its good for people who go clubbing alot. and I was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. DO I LOOK AS IF I GO CLUBBING ALOT? I AM GOOD GIRL OK!!!! Ok, thats a little lie, I do go clubbing but not ALOT ok! ANYWAY hor. Ya. Here is how the lip gloss looks like!

It's called Aniss Da Vinci and apparently its really popular in Taiwan and is used among many artistes there!

So I tried on one of them, and it didnt feel sticky or oily like most lip glosses do. I am personally picky when it comes to lip glosses, cos I tend to have the 'eaten fried chicken' look after I smack some on! But this, this has the quality of M.A.C. lipgloss. The one that stays on and has that juicy look! They are available in different colours as show in the picture above!

To make it even more attractive, here is what they've done to them!

They've stuck on REAL SWAROVSKI crystals on them! Of course these prices are slightly higher but look how blingy they are! And when you are clubbing, this will definitely attract the good attention of on lookers! You don't have to walk ALLLLLLLLLL the way to the toilet to apply your gloss on! You can use this to shine on the dark dark floor if your friend has dropped her phone or purse, or you're just looking around if someone has dropped money!!!!!

And if you're NOT clubbing, its just so sparkly and pretty!!!!!!!! And you know we girls love sparkly stuff! (just like magpies and bugs I know!)

These swarovski crystals can be designed in anyway you want them to be. You can put your name on it, or you can put flowers on them. If you're a guy, this is a PERFECT GIFT for the girl you like, because you know, girls can't live without gloss - and a good sparkly gloss too!

The MAIN POINT of this gloss is ( I have to kick myself for side tracking because of the sparklyness) that it has LED lighting in built in them, and also a side mirror like this :

You see that white strip over there on the left hand side? That's where the mirror is and the LED lighting comes from the top of the gloss brush. So when you're at a dark place (preferably in a pub or a club, or just that your electric tripped) you can still manage to look FANTASTIC with this little nifty lip gloss! While you're applying your lip gloss the light shine directly on your mouth area, ensuring that you get the best view of your lips when applying the gloss on them!

Here are lots of really hot chics using them :

this looks like a really good place to use your LED gloss....dark and dodgy!

I think this looks like a sitcom set where they film shows. See, even artistes, albeit unpopular (I think) use them!

This looks like a makeup room, her necklace sibeh chio lor!

Bobby sneaking a picture with all the hotties in Taiwan.

She's damn cute lor!

I think this is his promoter! But quite ok looking lar.

So apparently, no one else in Malaysia is selling this and Tsubame is the only supplier for them. The lipgloss is priced at RM49.90 (which isn't very expensive if you have a look at SASA or Watsons or Gaurdian at the imported lipglosses). The Crystals are priced differently so if you have an enquiries, please add Tsubame here on Facebook!

Trust me, for someone's who has alot of experience with M.A.C. lipglosses (because her bestie is a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FANNNNNNNNNNN of M.A.C.), it really is similar to it, and the colour is AMAZING. It slides beautifully on your lips, unlike some lipglosses which are too STICKY and hard in nature!


Coming up the next time, I will be trying out their bird's nest hydrating mask! For those of you who have dry skin or need the extra moisture boost in your skin, STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Bad Romance

As I was watching this video, a few things ran through my mind :

1) How catchy is this tune?

2) Why is the video so eerie?

3) Why did she hire retards as dancers and/or hire dancers to dance like retards?

4) What are those shoes she is wearing? She looks like a Veloceraptor!

5) Why does she look like Gollum/Smeagle in one of the scenes? with the implants at the back?

6) This is possibly the first time I've ever seen her full face! She has a really hot body!

7) Was she wearing a polar bear skin as her train/outfit? Peta will never hear the end of this!

8) How did they make her eyes so big and round in one of the scenes? (I'm a tech retard !) It's adorable!

Oh well, my 2cents thoughts for this MV. Really cool though!

Thinking of You

Really catchy tune, but a sad song nevertheless. :(

Cupcake Oreo

I'm gonna attempt making this for Christmas desserts.

Ingredients :

  • Oreo cookies (fuck its death filling hocus pocus! it tastes like heaven!)
  • whip cream
  • choc shavings!

and make sure to put the in the fridge or the cream will go bad!

Spell with Flikr

Letter Hanger J blue letter O 326-365 Can Candy N N A

This is a nifty little application that allows you to have funky letters for Syour name! and if you don't like a particular letter, just click on it to change till you're satisfied with it!