Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tiny happiness

It comes to a point in life when pens pencil and sharpeners make you happy. Yep. I feel like a primary school kid now.

Hunger madness

Its the middle of the night. Why am i so hungry ?? I had a big ass apple. It obviously didnt do its job well. Like dgamen. Idiots. Arghhh.

A hungry woman is an angry woman.

Citrine baubles

Yep. A whole lot of creativity for saturday!!!

Sunday blues

If only lazy sundays could last forever...

Juno G-i

I want you so badly. So i can make grorious muzic and become a struggling musician.

Please make your prices lower so i can afford. I am already poor as it is.

Friday, February 24, 2012

This picture is a lie.


Cutest boy ever.

I want my niece to marry him.

He is too cute.

Cute arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitch women.

You ladies know its true.


Yup thats what we are SW.

We are left overs.

Congrats chris and navi. I hate you both. Cerealsly.


Why on earth is everyone getting married?

Well yes of course, the obvious, everyones desirable. And of course, at a suitable marriageable age.

Which comes to the question.

Why has no one proposed to me yet? I'm lovable. I'm cute(subjective lol), i'm hot( again subjective lol). Ok fine. I'm materialistic. He once said i love money more than him - he's right. It sucks. I do love my money. Thats why i'm working my ass off becuase i know you can't depend on men for it!

Anyway. You people have got to stop getting married. It's not good for my depression. Not good for my purse as well. If you see me rejecting your wedding, it means i'm too poor to come.

Damnit someone propose already!

Ps my blogs not dead. Just very depressed. Lol.