Monday, November 30, 2009

Coraline (2009) The Movie

look how freaky the button eyes are!

Watched this movie with mum yesterday. Fuck it scared the shit out of me. Very simple movie, yet it tells the moral of the story that children should always be satisfied with what they have or it'll be even worse!

Buttons have never seemed so scary. Wtf man. Button eyes! They freaked the shit out of me! How can something so simple... look so evil? It might be entertaining for kids. But for adults, it seems to send an eerie message and chilly vibes through the whole movie.

THUMBS UP! Will defeinitely wanna watch it again!

This is the plot of the movie :

As the tale begins, Coraline and her parents move into an old Queen Anne style house that had been subdivided into four flats. Coraline's parents are always busy with their work and pay her little attention. Isolated, Coraline goes off to explore. She meets the other inhabitants of the house, Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible, two elderly women retired from the stage, and an even older man, Mr. Bobo, who trains mice to play music. She also encounters a haughty black cat who has also seen the Other World.

While playing outside, Coraline meets a new, but weird friend, named Wyborne Lovat, who eventually hands her a doll which looks exactly the same as Coraline. He had found this doll in his grandmother's attic and thought that it was to be given to her since it looked like her. But to no one's knowledge, this was a spy used by the Other Mother to spy on people who were unhappy with their current life and lures them to the Other World and trap their souls there forever.

Coraline then finds a locked door in the drawing room, though the entrance beyond is bricked up. The next day she takes the key to the door, opens it, and finds a dark corridor leading to an apartment almost identical to her own. This alternate world is inhabited by her Other Mother and Other Father, who are near-replicas of her real parents, except they have buttons for eyes. She also sees the cat, who can speak there. These Other parents at first seem more interesting, fun and caring than her real parents. At the day's end, the Other Mother offers her a chance to stay in this world forever if Coraline will let her sew buttons over her eyes. Coraline is horrified and dashes back through the door to go home, much to the disappointment of the Other Mother.

Upon her return to her apartment, Coraline finds her real parents are missing. They do not return by the next day, and Coraline, discovering they were kidnapped by the Other Mother, resolves to rescue them. Coraline returns to the Other Mother's world with a seeing stone given to her by her neighbors.

The Other Mother becomes angry when Coraline refuses to accept gifts or love, and she imprisons Coraline behind a mirror as punishment. There she meets three children from different eras who let the Other Mother sew buttons in their eyes, and were then tossed aside and had their lives devoured when she wearied of them. Coraline falls asleep, and the Other Mother decides to take Coraline out of the room, which wakes her up. Coraline challenges the Other Mother in a game to find the children's souls and her parents within the Other world, using her wits and the seeing stone. Coraline finds the children's souls with the seeing-stone and finds her parents in a snowglobe. She throws the cat at the Other Mother, much to the dismay of the cat, and then escapes to the real world, forcing the door closed on the Other Mother and severing her hand. Back in her apartment, Coraline finds her parents safe and sound.

The next night, Coraline discovers that her task is still not done: the Other Mother's severed hand is still in Coraline's world. It attempts to steal the key so the Other Mother can win Coraline back. Coraline lures the hand to a well and tricks it into falling in with the key, ridding the world of the danger of the Other Mother


Man, it was a good movie, defnitely gonna watch it again next week!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

my cruise trip

Let me tell you how boring the cruise was.

It was only meant for gamblers, and people who love to overeat (sorry, fat doesnt have to mean you overeat!). Aiyoooooooooh. I tell you, these people really keep eating and eating. Eat already not enough, must tapao! As if the cruise will starve you! after breakfast, theres brunch, then lunch, then tea, then dinner then supper! Non-stop eating every 3 hrs ok!

Plus, if you don't gamble, theres really nothing much for you to do, except, suntan, watch shows (which are quite boring except those at the Lido).

That is when we start to camwhore.

A superfail pic of me.. but nevermind.

Quite happening this one.

Our deck star jumps

Being a Pirate for the day!

Tanning my fats.

I didnt get a dark tan unfortunately. I was advised to slap on some sunscreen an hr b4 putting on my tanning oil.. but wtf. my sunscreen was SPF50. So no fucking sunrays could enter my skin! AIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

STUPID MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I caught the man-flu before I embarked on my cruise trip.

I think I killed 3 trees in the process of my nose's non-stop crying. It was that terrible.

My eyes were puffy, but thank goodness i made it to NC's 21st fine (with amazing make up, I managed to conceal the mega puffiness of my eyes ><).

And that my boobs look spanking fine here.

And I love taiwanese sausages (no pun intended).


Monday, November 23, 2009

curry laksa recipe

Sorry this pic wasnt presentable enough. I was so hungry after cooking it that i gobbled it up halfway before i remembered to take the picture!


curry laksa is AMAZING wei.

it wouldn't be good without santan (fresh coconut milk).

So this is what you need :

1.5 fresh coconuts made into milk
fish cake 1 slice
meat balls
yellow noodles
fried tao kee (bean curd)
tao pok
bean sprouts or kangkung
curry paste

So you boil the water to slighlty cook the yellow noodles to get rid of the oilyness. remember to get the yellow noodles without the ghee cos you know, ghee is bad for health! (so is curry laksa, but you know we can do without the ghee rather than the curry laksa!)

anyway, boil it then put it aside.

then boil enough water, with the curry paste together.
put in the other ingredients (except the vege and the fried bean curd).

do not put in the coconut milk as excess heat will covert hte coconut milk into oil! so thats not good either.

cook it for about 10-15 minutes.

turn off the heat and pour in the coconut milk.

put the noodles vege and fried bean curd in the bowl.
then pour the soup and meat balls etc etc over.


your very own curry laksa!!


Ham and Cheese Macaroni

This is an improvement from the previous batch.

This one has no milk! and has lotsa chicken ham!

Really really really tasty, and shit loads of cheese!!!!!!!!!



Sunday, November 22, 2009


A sunday filled with sand blowing into my eyes and exposed orafices, a bottle of chardonnay, tao kae noi seaweed, pringles and just bumming about desparately trying to get a tan on a semi cloudy day.



Saturday, November 21, 2009

I just realised that I'm a very mean person and my words are very harsh.

but hey, if you're a bitch, i'll tell you that you're a bitch.

and guess what? I AM A BITCH!

but i guess thats something that you all already know! oh well.

stephie, the world is full of mean people who out there trying to hurt you. I may have been harsh with my words, but i want you to be alert on tiptoes and not be so innocent anymore!

to me and ur jie, you'll always be innocent. so we're trying our best to protect you. hope you understand that.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 Things Great about November

1. Went to a bead shop and bought lots of pretty beads, feathers, felt and such!
My gosh, I fell in love again with Beads! and Rhinestones! My goodness... the pretty colours and all the sparkly stuff... makes me so happy!!!!!!

2. Bought shit loads of dresses.
Yeah, like for real man, from blogshops to real shops.I really got to stop buying stuffs. I also bought textile to make my own dresses! They are so pretty!!! :)

3. Attended my first church wedding.
Was so romantic, I teared throughout most of it. The guy sitting next to me was wondering wtf was wrong. MEN. Now I want a church wedding at my catholic church cos the isle is really long and the church is big!

4. Made my first bib necklace.
So in fashion now, was thinking of selling it. Maybe i'll just keep it for myself! HAh!

5. Made my first feather fascinator.
Ohhhh. so pretty, I wore it for the church wedding. Now I know that I don't have to spend tons of money just to buy one!!!!!!

6. Attended Steph's birthday party / Costume party.
Went as a flapper, 1920s fashion icon! was really easy and it was fun. everyone was in costume, so very happening lor!!!!! Was an extremely good night with the twister and all!!!

7. Cruise!
Yes, going on a 3d2n cruise soon. Will be fun, need a break and also a tan! Gonna have to remember to buy bananaboat tanning oil!

8. Bought canvas and acrylic paint!
Ah, the joys of painting. I really enjoyed it. When I was in UK, I spent most of my time hiding in the room and just.... painting!

9. Finished malay exams.
No more tuition!!!!.... till I realised that I've failed and need to retake the bloody exam again!

10. Got to design a walk in wardrobe, positioning and wall colours!
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's gonna be amazing i tell you!!!!! 3 wall walk in closet!!!!

11. Learnt a few new recipes.
Such as bobochacha, black glutinous rice dessert, mac n cheese, woooo! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm glad to know at this moment, I have friends so sit in my little box of sadness together.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grown up talk.

I think I just had the most grown up conversation today on walk-in wardrobes, dressing table mirror with frame, curtains, plasma TV, toilet mosaic, step up bed, light turquoise wall paint, carpets and neutral tones.

FINALLY. Someone thought I was important enough to ask me for my opinions. ME ME ME. Someone cares enough to listen to what i liked and wanted - for once.

Really glad that theres some initiative going on. Feeling kinda like a submissive little meek woman overpowered by a responsible man.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Happiness :) <3

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mince Beef Pasta

I made this for Stephs birthday and it was so amazing wei. I love my pastas and its really super easy to make ok!

You need:

mince beef
big onions
button mushrooms
rice wine
pasta sauce
maggi seasoning (little bottle)

a) to marinate the mince beef:
pour three spoonful of rice wine (this removes the beefy smell)
throw in sugar (but not too much) enough to cover the top
add lotsa maggi seasoning!!!!!
then use your fingers to really mush the whole thing up.
i forgot why we need sugar, but we really do. so don skip the sugar!

b) sauce:
chop onions (as many onions as u want)
chop button mushrooms (again, as much)

fry onions
then throw in the mince beef
stir until its cooked
then the button mushrooms
then throw in pasta sauce
then taste
then add ketchup till you like the taste
then black pepper

There, you're done!

Theres no need to teach you how to cook pasta right?????


Mac and Cheese

So I decided to make my Mac and Cheese after lotsa craving for it (not pregnancy craving, menstrual craving!)

It was damn nice lor!

This is how to make it :

a) as much macaroni as you want.
boil it with oil and salt until soften. to see how spaggetti is soft you have to fling it to the wall and see if it sticks. to see how macaroni is soft, you really have to eat it.

drain it then wash it in cold water so the macaroni doesnt stick together.

b) cheese sauce :

you need lotsa cheese, kraft cheese slices, cheesedale, watever.
you need butter 2-3spoonful.

some milk.

some salt.

melt butter, then throw in milk then PERHAPS, you may need some starch water (corn flour and water) to thicken the sauce. simmer them till you think tis ready then throw in the macaroni and stir till its fully covered with butter sauce. then throw in your cheese gradually and keep stirring them til they are all melted. taste it. if not salty, add salt.

if its too salty, then sorry you're screwed. so because with the salt k!

if you fancy, chop up some cheesedogs or hotdogs then throw them in!

fantastic comfort food, or you just want a night in with the TV!



Dearest Bunny,

Thanks for getting me this. I really love the qwerty keypad and I love how it reminds me of my appointments.

xie xie ni, belly belly nice arrrrr.


Xmas wishlist

Ok people, let me help you figure out what to get the amazing me for Xmas. This is a BIG HINT of what I need this year ok? BIG HINT FOR YOU AR. (obviously it's pointed at certain people who are reading this!!!)

1. Lotsa canvas and lotsa acrylic paint.

For those who know me knows that I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE painting and I loveeeeeeeeeee colours and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee having things in bulks. Yes. I am a horder. I am terrified at the thought of an art famine and that there are no more colours for me to use. Thank you.

2. Lacoste - Touch of Pink

By far, one of the most amazing perfumes I've had - thats why its finished. My friend bought it for me one xmas and its almost finished now and i've not used it in about 2 years because it was finishing so i spray it like onece a year. So now its almost all gone. someone get this for me prease???? :(

3. Rhinestones!!!

Because its pretty and sparkly and i can do lotsa shit with them for craftwork! NEed i say more?

4. Personalised name pendant attached with necklace.

DUH. My name isnt Carrie, but I wished it was sometimes (when I like to call myself Kerry) so I could get all her amazing shoes! Anyway.

I've wanted this since I was 21. But freaking hell. no one got me this. And no one wished me happy birthday as well ( by no one i mean my family). My mum kept delaying to buy me this, but could fork out money for a new car. WTF.

Anyway, If you're going to get this for me, its gonna take about 2-3weeks to get it done. I want it in this font, I want it in 24k gold! Good luck!

*BIG HINT FOR YOU* (you know who you are!)

5. Rattan drawer furniture shit like this :-

So I can put my bangles, necklaces and other stuff in it. And my room will be TIDY. Thank you.

6. Dior Water proof eyeliner

Really good eyeliner, maybe not as good as the MAC gelpot eyeliner but definitely much less hassle than that!!!!!!! Still really good tho.

7. Dior Perfume

Because Steph used it one day and it smelled like heaven and Grace has one that she hardly uses. So either one of them can give me theirs. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :)

Now get cracking cos Xmas is like.... less than 2 months away!

Food for thought.

Hi! My name is Rosabelle Alexis Khoo Li Ern and I am 2 months and 1 week old. I was born on 9/9/9 because I am spoilt that way to want to be a day late.

I am a very fat baby. You can see it from the picture that my double chin is MASSIVE. I think I'm so fat because my daddy always insults my lovely aunty for being fat and now God is punishing him for having such an evil mouth when he is so fat himself! My daddy looks like a laughing Buddha cos he has these man boobs, huge belly and has purposely balded himself. and oh, wears very little clothes. So now I have to suffer being fat because God wants to teach him a lesson!

I think God is punishing me too because I look exactly like my daddy. And that isn't a good thing. I pray that I will evolve soon and turn into my mummy or my lovely aunty so I will look more like a woman than a man. Geez.

I am also half human half devil. I love screaming bloody murder when I fancy and whenever the house is the quietest. Especially in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is sleeping and I am up, I'd love to have everyone barge out of their bedrooms to welcome me and play with me.

I love seeing my lovely aunty wrapped in her duvet cover and coming over to grandma's room to scream at me for being such a little monster. She makes me laugh by sticking her tongue and make noises like a little red indian. I think she is the only one in the family that makes me happy and i love her colourful yellow room. She has alot of stuff in it which is colourful and i hope that when I grow up one day I'd be able to go into her room and destroy her stuff when she is out at work.

I'd take her lipsticks and eye liners and colour her walls with it and i'd wear her huge knickers on my head and poop in her drawers. and when I'm taller, i'd reach for her perfumes on her upper shelf and play ball with it. Yes. that is what i'd do.

the babysitter says that my aunty loves me the most because i have a stripe of ungrown hair across my skull that was an old wive's tale. but i think she hates me. whenever i cry she'd slap my leg and call me guailankia (or whatever it is, i dono what that means). bt i think she loves me too because she always smiles and calls me siao-eh, cibaikia and see-gui. i dono what that all means but i should think its all sweet names for a lovely little baby like me.

I also love pooping in my auntys room, or rather, on my aunty. I hardly do that to anyone else, but somehow when I am with her, I feel very relaxed, so much so, my arse decides to go blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and then she has to change her clothes her bedsheets and her pillow cases. I also love peeing whenever the diapers are off, so everyone gets a bit of my holy water. I love to see how disgusted their faces are whenever I do that. I luagh because it feels me with glee and I am also part devil.

I eat like a pig because I am my father's daughter and so you all will know that my dad is a pig. he is lazy and whenever I cry he runs away so mummy have to take care of me.

I love my uncle. Whenever I am in his arms, i sleep and i dono if its his really huge eye balls or dumbo ears, he never fails to make me laugh and smile.

I love it when my grandpa dances around like a tribal shaman at a blackmagic cookout. he waves his hands around in the air and makes funny noises and it makes me laugh at how silly he is. bt i still love him.

grandma loves me the most and she always calls me 'ann ann' instead of 'ern ern'. I dont know why. Who is this ann ann? Do i look like her? has my grandma gone crazy? and why does she always call herself my mummy when I have a mummy ? My my. I do have a crazy family. And whenever my grandma gets hold of me, she never lets anyone else holds me! I must be so precious.

I also like to change washable cotton diapers 25 times a day, because you know, I don think my grandma's maid has anything else to do besides washing clothes, washing my diapers, washing bedsheets, the plates, the floors, the porch, pick up 3 dog's poops, fold clothes, cook, and sweeping the whole house. i think she needs more work. I on the other hand have a tight schedule of sleeping, eating, pooping and peeing and generally crying all day. Man I am so exhausted as compared to the maid. I think I'd have to poop on more stuff like the couch and everything else that needs a good scrub. yes, i shall work her to death, because I am part devil.

ok, i am bored now. i shall go find something else to puke on after the breast milk i just drank. and then cry really loudly because i am hungry after all the puking.


How to be a Flapper Girl

For those who thought I was evil Jesus, crazy woman, hippie, evil hippie, mafia, you're all WRONG.

Limbeh is flapper girl ok!

flapper style was hot in the 1920s. a sign of rebellion and independence.
wanted to go as a corpse bride but was afraid to cos woman's house was filled with kakas. terrified it might trial me home!

so anyhoooooo,
This is how to dress like a flapper :

a) get a lace string that looks like that and a bobbie pin to pin it the back of your head.

b) cut bob hair - it was the IN hair during that era.

c) get lotsa shit black eyeshadow and just shadow it allover the eye lid and lotsa black eyeliner.

d) dark red lippie and try to make the top lips pointy.

e) long beaded necklaces.

f) long black gloves and preferrable a chunky bangle to go with it.

g) any dress that looks vintage.

h) fishnet tights!

see, a complete easy look and great for any costume parties! Hope you enjoyed my realllllllllllllllly simple instructions on how to be a evil Jesus, crazy woman, hippie, evil hippie, mafia!

the 3 misfits

We were supposed to have a halloween party on the 30/10 however, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was cancelled and then pushed forward to Stephanies (the indian girl haha.) birthday.

Above are the people that I have been hanging around alot with, including the little boy. So this time we had a costume party (which I was supposed to come as a corpse bride, but chickened out at the end in case a real spirit thought i was a friend and followed me home).

Anyway. Let me give u an insight of these bad influences I have been hanging around with.

Grace G. (the chinese woman)

This is a makeup artist, fashionista and poet all in one. that night she came as liza melleni-who-could-have-been-a-cabaret-dancer. Very nice make up done, she even had a mole at the bottom of her eye!

I've known this grace through another grace and we all live in the same vicinity. known her for almost....8 years now? Geez. THat's a really long time. Only recently reconnected with each other even though we lived a minute away! hahahahahaha.

very nice little girl. cant even lie to save her life! *note to self : never get her to do any talking! HHAHAHAHA.


Stephanie P. (the indian woman)

very evil and mean person. always making me feel like crap. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. thats a lie. we annoy the crap out of each other. only knew her recently and get along like house on fire. literally. very good with sacarsm and it makes me laugh like cock. Best friends with grace. I'm the 3rd party and i try to pry them apart and make them fight with each other whenever i can. wooooo. EVIL kan?

amazing friends to find now, especially since everyone is away. we live like 5 mins away form each other and can get to everyones house in a blink of an eye!

amazing to have friends to be there for you. whenever. XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Roshen (the lil santa)

half satan half monster. this kid really annoys the crap out of you. i always teased steph that Roshen was her son when hes her nephew. could be her son anyway hes only 3! hahahaha. loves beating everyone and saying the crudest stuffs he learns from the adults!!!

steph, better teach your son manners or i'll have to do it for you! HAAAAAAAAAAA.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Engagement rings

Right, so me and my cousin Tammy were discussing about our wedding/engagement rings and so we came up to the conclusion that I kinda leaned towards the big and elaborate and oh-my-what-time-is-it-now?/oh-it's-so-hot-this-stupid-weather kinda ring!

Pics credit to serendipity diamonds

So, if you're going to propose anytime soon (now till max 5 years), please be prepared with a ring like this. You don't have to get such a big diamond persay. But its got to be elaborate with many little diamonds. HAHAHAHA. or expect a spit in the face/big fat no/both.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm so ill today.

Dad got the stomach flu, then mum got it, then i got it.

Then i got nose flu too. then i conked out after my malay tuition and woke up with swollen eyes. GREAT. now I can't attend my friends birthday. fark.

realised that my immune system goes crazy when i'm stressed. Oh well.

gots to rest now. Sigh.

Oh btw, bought shit loads of beads and such from Singapore d other day. Am really excited about it. just looking at it makes me happpppppppppppppppppppy! ::)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bib necklaces & Feather fascinators!

I'm so into these this season :

Bib necklaces and feather fascinators

Big bold statement pieces that can be worn anytime anywhere so you will stand out amongst the crowd.

Very fashionable, mega cute!

This obviously isn't me. I'm not that pretty!

Anyways, why is a bib necklace named that way?
Well duh, it's as big and as wide as a baby's bib!!!! HAHAHa

Same goes to feather fascinators,
cos its made of feathers, and it never fails to fascinate people and make them wonder why ANYONE would put feathers on their own head!

Its time for some DIY!