Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coronation Chicken recipe!


I think besides kebab n chips, dixy chicken, rogan josh, coronation would be my next on list to miss.

It's amazing creamy non-spicy curry taste will be enough to send you to heaven.

Get a wrap, some fresh onions chopped, and slices of tomatoes and a bag of crisp and you're good to go!

Cold cooked chicken with mayonnaise and a small amount of curry powder, a little salt and pepper and also some mango chutney (smooth, not the chunky bits) or apricot jam to give sweetness.

Make the sauce separately so you can taste it carefully and then fold the chicken into it. You can add a little lightly whipped cream for extra luxury, if you like.

go on, run along and make it! YUMMMMMMM :)


Friday, February 26, 2010

How to ditch a really bad date

Ok, so you've gone on your first date and realised that what you've actually been brewing inside your mind isn't what the reality is about. He's not charming, he's not considerate, he eats noisily and is utterly gross. Your sex-dar is been knocked completely off course.

It's true that every girl will know if she's gonna bang the guy in the first 5-10 secs of communication. Hey. First impression counts for us too you know! Some guys manage to handle their fort well for the first few minutes, but as you stumble through dinner, your fairytale happy ending is falling into shits bit by bit. He is of course smitten by your amazing charming sexy self and you know he wants to get into your pants- hopefully by the end of the night. He's gonna want to hold your hand and/or kiss you and/or give you a hug or perhaps more at the end of your date.

Of course you know that your vagina has sewn itself up for the night and there shall be no hooha activity going on.

So how? You don even want his lips on you cos you know it'll lead him on and soon you know he'll be stalking you again for another date!

You can tell him the truth lah, but you know some people cant handle the truth and it might end up back firing!!

So you are in his car as he's dropping you off (i suppose its him fetching you and not you fetching him. if you're fetching him, you might as well dump him!), he's gonna be expecting more from you, like a little hint of wanting to see him again, a kiss on the cheek, bla bla you get the works from all your previous dates.

But you don't want anything more to do with him and all you wanan do is run back home and scrub yourself with chlorox!

Here is what you do.

1) you say that your pet fish drowned, you got to rush inside to bury it.

if he's smart enough to catch your drift, he wont bother you again. If he doesnt, you don have to be bothered with him again. win-win situation.

2) you quickly say 'thanks for the night' and dash out of the car.

make sure the car isn't locked first or it'll be an ugly mess if it was locked and your getaway was foiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) you pretend that you have a call and quickly say thanks goodnight and hop off the car.

thats a good way to be busy! he'll either know you're faking it when your phone wasnt ringing or vibrating, or really fooled.

4) you start crying and being all emo and shit about yourself.

be all clingy and such and how you had a wonderful time and hope he's the one. make yourself scary. he'll never wanna see you again, i gaurantee it.

5) you can give him a sexy charming smile, kiss him on the cheeks and say goodbye.

you know, suck it up, just kiss him and get over it. never pick up his calls ever. set your dogs on him. get a new bf.

6) text your dad beforehand during dinner and ask him to stand outside the gate with a chopping knife, or a shot gun, which ever he has.

then ask your dad to have a little chat with him. you'll be sorted.

7) burp into his face.

then act embarrassed. then quickly and smoothly (while being very embarrassed) exit the car and run into your house. he'll be put off to ever wanna date you again!

8) half way through the date, when you've finally made up your mind that you don wanna see him again, totally not be yourself.

Be the crazy woman next door, be the victim, be wild, be innovative. start crying and say that he finds you fat, loud enough that the next table hears you. he'll be embarrassed AND think you're crazY! Then you apologise, say you need to go to the toilet, then leave. I'm sure he'll never call you again either!

9) be really comfortable with him.

i mean.......... really comfortable. fart when you feel like it.. burp when you're full, sneeze with your mouth open and pick your nose when it itches!

comfortable what!

10) keep checking your phone all night and pretend to text

then if he asks why, or you can volunteer to tell him that your ex didnt take the break up well and is always out to assault your dates. so you're texting your ex telling him not to. he'll be freaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if all these do not work. Man, i really can't help you any further!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Vietnamese foreign workers who work here,


I know you're poor and all, but please, chicken from Giant is cheap enough for you to afford. I know you only eat it out of starvation, but look around, no one is starving here. We have cheap food at every corner of the street.


we know you do that.

We need the dogs to scare the stupid mat rempits once in a while.

The dogs also could possibly have rabies. You really do not want that.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Dog lover.

What your sleeping positions tell about you!

THE SPOONS (him behind)

You both lie on your sides, him facing your back.

The meaning: He's protective of you and quite traditional. He can get sensual reaching around and caressing every part of you. Beware if you never kiss/cuddle in this sleep position as it may become too platonic.

THE SPOONS (her behind)

You both lie on your sides, you facing his back.

The meaning: You are very nurturing and the backbone of the relationship. He is not afraid of letting go of responsibilities and you being his emotional anchor. Fab as long as your needs aren't neglected.


Your backs face each other, with a wide gap between them.

The meaning: The intimacy is breaking down and you may be too independent of each other. If being independent suits you both then that's okay, as long as you say a warm goodnight. But be careful you aren't using this position to shut each other out.


One sprawls in a starfish shape, the other faces away, clinging to the edge of the bed.

The meaning: The sprawler dominates your relationship and they might be selfish and unaware of their partner's needs. If you are the one pushed out, ensure you start asserting yourself during the day.


One lies on their back, the other is cradled in the crook of their arm cuddled up to them.

The meaning: The partner on their back provides emotional strength and is happy offering emotional support to the other partner who is more needy.


One lies tucked up in the foetal position, facing the other who is flat on his/her back.

The meaning: The one in the foetal position needs comfort but feels unable to express their needs to their partner, who is oblivious to their needs. Identify what is going wrong and start talking about it.


One lies on their stomach, their fingertips reaching out to their partner who lies on their back or side.

The meaning: The partner reaching out is submissive in the relationship - the power lies with the other partner.


Very cuddled up, with your legs entwined and the erogenous zones snuggled into each other.

The meaning: There is loads of passion and sensuality, and you are probably in the honeymoon phase.

Don't despair if your sleep position has a negative meaning as there are exceptions. Like where one of you feels the heat and naturally rolls into "poles apart". As long as you give each other a cuddle and kiss before you roll apart that's fine.

Polyamory the new way of life?

Did you know that theres such thing as 'polyamory?' - it means having more than 1 long term partner. no, no, not cheating. more like consensual. like the concubine living in peace with the queen. 2nd wife living in harmony with the first wife as we all see in HK dramas.

I read this in The Sun UK today :

more on polyamory.

But personally, I can't imagine sharing myself (or my partner) with anyone else.

Call me selfish, but I really can't imagine where he is sticking his tongue into when he's with her in the room.

Man, imagine the things I would do to both of them out of jealousy! We wouldn't wanna go down that road now , do we?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



I can think of many other things that this invention can do! :P

Makes no sense, but its absolutely adorable.

Ligers? Tigons?

You know, theres such shit as Ligers and Tigons??????

Where the fuck have I been when this hybridization happened? WTF??????

Fuck me, they are huge!

So when a lion screws a tiger it will be a liger.

And when a tiger screws a lion it will be a tigon!

So if dog screws a wolf (both from the same species) it will be a dolf,
and if a wolf screws a dog it will be a wog?


if a seal screws a walrus it will be a salrus

or the other way round it will be a weal?


my my, wonders of the world!



So one of my uncles was talking to my cousin (who is of portugese origin) about the chinese and how they work their business in Malaysia.

He was telling my cousin (in broken, but comprehensible english) about the ways of business, bla bla bla.

So my cousin casually said, "oooooh, funky business...".

Then enraged, he screamed, "NO FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Man, that was the best joke this year, so far.

Funky bags

Look what came in my email !

Funky Bags!!!!!!!

Man, I'd definitely own a few of them if they were on sale here in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's your child?

Best warning for parents who tend to leave their child at the pool without watching out for them!

THE ring.

I found it.

I finally found the ring that would make me say "I do".

It doesn't even cost a bomb.

It sits on my ring finger like it was meant to be mine.

But alas, I can't buy it for myself can I?

I won't be this pitiful power woman who feels empowered by buying herself the ultimate diamond just because she can afford it, and that no one else will buy it for her.

No. I will persist and wait.

I will wait and wait till the cows come home. I am determined not to be the sad sorry career woman who's independant enough to do everything on her own. I will be weak and helpless. Yes, I will play the damsel in distress.

Alas. The ring.


I can only dream about it now.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're damn right I am!

RIP Jee Ee

Rest in Peace 2nd Aunty.

She passed away today whilst my mother was still in Penang. Mum wanted to go back to Ijok to attend the funeral, however was adviced against as mum had already attended one funeral and would bring bad luck to the relatives who were doing business as they wanted to pray to the Heavens (baiteegong).

Oh well. Mum was devastated as she loved her sister very much, but 2ndaunty was suffering for a long time now, being bed ridden and all. The maids didn't take very good care of her and she was malnourished and all. It is good as she is relieved of her physical pain in this world now.

I remember when I was in Inti, she took me back home with her sons driving of course, to my campus.

That was about 5 years ago. She came down from the car, and tucked RM50 into my hands and told me to go eat.

I was not close to her, but I knew she cared for me because she loved my mother. Every chinese new year we would go to her house and her children would cook us fantabulous food and we would gamble.

The last trip I went back to see her, she couldnt even recognise me anymore. We hardly saw her, hence her memory was going off. 6thaunty was so upset that her elder sister did not recognise her, she cried :(

Oh well, RIP jee-ee. We will always remember you fondly in our hearts.

The Uses of the word "Ha"

I am a Hokkien girl and I use alot of the word "Ha". There are so many intonations of the word "Ha", and every tone has a different meaning.

1) "Ha" like the pinyin Ha3 ----------> Yes.

" Ha. Wa sibeh dulan" - Yes. I am rather upset.

2) "Ha" like Ha? ---------------> What?

"Ha ? Similanjiao????" - What? What do you want?

3) "Ha" like Ha! -----------------> Yeah, right!

"Ha! Limbeh koh kah duah kee!" - Yeah, right! I am so much better!

4) "Ha" like Haaaaaaaaaa! ----------------> (usually an emotion of disbelief)

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Boh kor leng eh dai ji, limbeh tiok ah!!!!" - That's not possible!!!

5) "Ha" like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA -----------> laughter

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. An chuah ani seh kee eh???" - HAHAHAHAHAHA, why is it so tiny?

6) "Ha"-"Mi" like Hami(followed by another noun) --------->What?

"Hamilanjiao?" ---------> What?

7) "Ha" like HA! -----------------> In your face! Scoffing, a sign of arrogance.

"HA! Ka lu kong ee boh lampah liao lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" - In your face! Told you he was a coward!

8) "Ha" like Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar? (followed by a constipated face) -------------------> Do I really have to do this?

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar? Ee jin jia tai ko leh" - Do I really have to do this? He is not my cup of tea.

9) "Ha" like HahaHAhaHAhaHAhaHAHaha --------------> a sound made during a hysterical laughter.

"HahAHaHAhAHaHaHAhaHAH. Nabehhhhhhhhh sibeh ho chio leh!" - That's Really funny!

This tutorial will be quite useful when in Penang or Klang and where everyone speaks Hokkien!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goodbye Ah Ma.

February 11th was a horrible time for us.

Ah ma passed away.

It was only a 4 days ago when the doctor discovered the tumour in her lungs. It spread to her brains before we could even go back on friday to see her. She passed away thursday morning.

I was not exceptionally close to her. but the love, the bond was there. She loved me, I loved her. That was it. She love my big bro the most. He was the first grandson. When we heard the news while eating breakfast, big bro broke out in silent tears as he ate his prawn noodles My heart broke having to see my big brother cry. I have never seen him cry. And I love him so much. I cried as well, and everyone ate in silence. We were on our way back to penang when we got the dreaded phone call in the wee hours of the morning.

Ah ma could not wait for us to go back to see her.

The thing is, she didnt know she passed on. She didnt even know she was ill. Her breathing failed and her heart stopped. She died just like that. She didnt even get to say goodbye to anyone.

We were in denial mode for the first 9hours on the highway. None of us wanted to face the cruel truth that dad's mum, ah ma, passed away. We talked, laughed and tried to put up a brave front for the gruelling long journey.

As we reached air itam, we suddenly stopped talking. we walked quickly into ah kong's house.

Immediately, tears rolled out of our eyes as we saw ah ma, rigid in her coffin. We couldnt even rush back in time to see her before she was put in the coffin. Regrets felt our heart. We did not even tell her how much we love her before she passed away. Mum and dad were even on the phone with her the night before... everything seemed fine and we thought she could at least wait a few more weeks before the tumour fully erupted. But no. Fate is a cruel thing. God decides when life starts, and when another end.

Aunty Rita was all tears when she saw us. Ah ma seemed so peaceful in her coffin.

It was near to chinese new year. Not much people except relatives came, as no one wanted bad luck.

Ah ma suffered in silence and refused to tell anyone that she was in pain. She didn't even burden anyone with her (unknown) illness. She left everyone before the trouble set in.

I slept by her coffin the 2 nights before she was buried. Someone had to keep her company. Big bro sat on chair and watched her while I slept. We didn't want her to be alone. I hope she knew that we love her even though we hardly say it.

She always called me liulian...which stands for durian. A pet name which is a story for another time. Weeks before her passing, when Aunty Rita called, she always thought it was me. And called out my name, Joanne. She never called my name Joanne, only calls me liulian. Aunty Rita was upset, but it was ok, as Ah ma was getting senile anyway. If ahma never called out my name, I probably wouldn't feel as bad as I do now. It showed that she was thinking of me. And I was never a good enough grandaughter to her. I took her for granted, that she would be there forever. But we all know everyone dies sometime.

Yesterday morning when me and mum woke up early to go marketing to cook food for ah kong. We waited for the toilet because ah kong was showering. It takes him 1 hr to shower now as he is old and does everything in his own time. As he walked out, he said he pitied ah ma, having to die. Then he started to break out in tears. An 86year old man, in his walker and clad in towel, crying in the middle of the hall, broke my heart. We missed her. And he definitely missed ah ma after 63 years of marriage.

The day of her burial.. today. Ah kong never saw her in her coffin. As the pastor reeled ah kong into the hall where the coffin was laid, ah kong stood up from his walker and leaned on the coffin. He broke into tears and mumbled her names a few times. He was also in denial that ah ma never passed away, but he had to face the reality that the love of his life is really gone. Everyone broke into tears as we saw the pillar of our strength, the man of the house, cry.

We sang hymns and cried. We missed her terribly and wished we didnt take her for granted (i'm assuming this). I missed her so much. She was always so wonderful to me even though she didn't take care of me when I was a baby.

As the undertakers closed her coffin, I mutter goodbye, ah ma, and tears rolled down my eyes. My dad couldnt talk the whole morning and he just stood by ah ma's coffin in silence the whole morning. I knew how devastated daddy was as ah ma loved him so much. She may not have obviously shown her love, but always offering to make coffee for him even though she was 80 showed daddy enough that she loved him in her own way.

We bought a plot of land in the khoo kongsi cemetry to lay her body to rest. We all stood around her grave today. We saw the undertakers lower her coffin. As the pastor said the last few prayers and had a moment of silence, Daddy suddenly muttered out loud, "bye bye ma ma" as he finally broke down and cried. I quickly rushed to his side and I cried as well while hugging papa. It was the first time in my whole life hearing daddy calling ah ma, mama. He always called her mother. Nothing affection. But this time, he finally called her what he was calling her since he was a child. A child moaning for his dead mother. He was finally a child again, while standing in front of her grave.

We bade ah ma good bye at her grave while we stood almost an hour in the hot midday sun, watching the undertakers put soil into her grave. We all missed ah ma so much.

It was her little ways that showed us that she loved us. And we of course love her so, even though we hardly show her our true feelings.

We had a dinner at ah kong's house tonight. It was the first time in SO many years that the family was reunited. Ah ma brought us all together. We are blessed that by ah ma's passing, we finally found unity again.

We love you ah ma. Rest in peace. You are in the save hands of the Lord now.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Wonders of Daiso

Daiso, also known as the 100yen shop where everything is absolutely RM5.00!

Omg its like a shopping haven. Good stuff which is innovative and unique from Japan! Their crazy inventions at an affordable price and their quality is amazing lor. And everything for RM5.00 leh. Some not worth it lah, so you have to pick and choose carefully.

Here's what I got from yesterday's spree :

Green calculator that I desparately need for counting money during my damage control after shopping sprees. Good for work purposes too.

Because I'm too cheap to buy a laptop fan, I decided to prop my laptop up so there will be ample space for the fan to work. Hah! Shock absorbers!

A uber cute heart print mini bin that I put at my little relaxing nook cos I'm too freaking lazy to walk to the other side of the room to throw my stuff every 4 mins.

A brush holder! or something to that effect. Suppose to be for toothbrush n toothpaste or seomthing like that. But its pink. And quirky.

Shower head holder. Because i'm too cheapo to buy a screw in one which will create a hole in my wall. So this is all suction pads, baby!

So I can have my nigiri sushi the perfect way! Without all the extra work to hand mould the rice from scratch! HEHEHEHE JOY!

My fake nail fix for only RM5.00 So pretty!

Because I keep having fights with my bed corners, its always 0-1.

Now I've baby proofed it.


It's gonna be a smooth sailing 1-0 from now on!


Henry from Accounting

Sir Henry Grubstick.

A ubercutemegahot character from Ugly Betty who makes my knees weak more than Daniel Meade. Of course the majority ladies go for men like Daniel Meade but I, am of course, weird.


He is super geeky. Wears glasses, and is impeccably honest. Just how I like my men. No nonsense about lying and cheating. An example of Mr Good Enough from my previous post!

However, he's hot body is a bonus on Ugly Betty. It's his sincerity and words that touched me more in Ugly Betty than his hot bod. Doesn't really affect me I should say. But he and betty, are just, the perfect couple, more than he and Charlie could ever be (I hate Charlie for cheating on him with Dr. Farkas ok! but that OK cos he and Betty get to be together for a while after Henry caught her cheating when Christina told him that the child might not be his.)

But ANYWAY. He is so cute!

Lets have a look at him without glasses k?

Argh. Not as cute as he was with his geeky accounting glasses!


Why did they have to cut off UB so quick? Best show ever, after Friends.


Wise girls settle for Mr Good Enough

This is a strong message that I wish to send to all my single friends who're still waiting for Mr Right. Get a grip. He's not coming. And hopefully this article that I'm about to show you will wake you up.

I hope people, and myself, would incorporate this useful article into our lives. It'll really save us a whole lot of trouble. Her words sent a strong shockwave through my mind and made me just wonder, and just wonder, if I should really just settle for Mr. Good Enough. It indeed is better than just Mr. Nobody!

Taken from :

Wise girls settle for Mr Good Enough

Lori Gottlieb’s marriage advice has caused a storm. She tells us why women should get real about romance

Leah McLaren

Author : Lori Gottleib

According to Jewish lore, anyone who sets up three successful matches secures a place in heaven. If that’s so, the queen of heavenly matchmakers must be Lori Gottlieb, author of Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough. Indeed, I owe my own marriage, in part, to Gottlieb. It wasn’t her match-making skills but her straight talk that helped me down the aisle.

The point of her new book, due out in Britain this spring, is that many single women get to a state of desperation in searching for a husband because they don’t make wise decisions early on, such as dating dependable men rather than handsome cads — the sort who take you to bed for six months, spend your money, rip out your heart and stomp it to a bloody pulp.

When I speak to Gottlieb for her first British interview, I tell her that my mother sent me the original 2008 magazine article on which her book is based within, oh, about five minutes of publication. In the article Gottlieb wrote of her deep regret at having passed on all the nice guys in her thirties in the search for allconsuming love.

Her stark message ran directly counter to the neofeminist Sex and the Cityperpetuated mantra that we should all hold out for The One because we’re worth it. “Don’t worry about passion or intense connection,” Gottlieb wrote, “because if you want to have the infrastructure in place to have a family, settling is the way to go.

“Based on my observations, settling will probably make you happier in the long run, since many of those who marry with great expectations become more disillusioned with each passing year.”

Her words set off a furore that the book has now reignited. Last week, as Marry Him came out in America, the papers were full of thirtysomethings passionately arguing that every girl should hold out for Mr Perfect against others who believe practicality rules: that Mr Second Best is better than Mr Nobody.

I married my husband for love but I’d be lying if I said that Gottlieb’s dry-eyed observation that family life is not about bodice-ripping passion but akin to “running a small tedious non-profit business” didn’t affect me. Besides, at 33 I wasn’t getting any younger. Woe betide the naive singleton who assumes her choice of men will widen, rather than narrow, with time.

“The truth is, once you’re closing in on 40 you can certainly find love and companionship and all those things but it’s probably going to look different from what you imagined,” Gottlieb says. “I look at my friends who got married later on and I look at who they married and let me tell you, it’s very different from who they would have married 10 years earlier.”

It’s a bitter pill and one that Gottlieb, 42, has herself been forced to swallow. Having accepted that she would not find a man in time to have a conventional family, she had a baby using donor sperm in her late thirties. She then resumed dating as a single mother, banking on the idea that a toddler-friendly George Clooney would materialise now that she was older, wiser and without a loudly ticking biological clock.

As Marry Him chronicles, she was wrong — brutally so. She began to see all those empowering, so-called truisms about women reaching their sexual prime in middle age as a load of hooey. Today she is still single and on a mission to prevent young women interested in having a conventional family from making the same mistakes.

“I’m all for the feminist movement but I think what happened is we took certain feminist ideals — for instance, the idea of ‘you can have it all’, or ‘you deserve the best’, or girl power in general — and we applied that to dating,” she says. “That doesn’t work because we’re dealing with real life and where human beings are concerned you have to make a compromise.”

Gottlieb doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the competitive reality of trying to find a mate. The problem is not, she says, that there’s an epidemic of commitment phobia among the males.

“If you think all men are commitment-phobes, then commitment-phobes are clearly the only kind of man you date,” she says tartly.

Rather, women don’t know how to manage their own expectations when it comes to looking for a suitable man. Single women often declare they’d “rather be alone” than settle for someone who doesn’t fill out their (usually unrealistic) checklist. Gottlieb’s advice is: think carefully, ladies. Because, with that mentality, alone is how you’re probably going to end up.

Feminism gave women this sense of entitlement that we deserve someone who’s perfect. And then we meet the so-called perfect guy and he’s out of our league and has no interest in us and we tell our girlfriends, ‘He must be secretly gay’ when in fact he’s just really not that into us,” she says.

Add to this the heart-sinking demographics. Gottlieb likens being single in your late thirties to a terrifying game of musical chairs in which the options keep narrowing the longer you refuse to sit down. In other words, the more stubbornly you hold out for The One and the more you invest in that particular fantasy, the less likely he is to appear. Even if he did miraculously appear in a white convertible Porsche, who is more likely to be The One’s One? You or the carefree 25-year-old who’s putting herself through university by doing a bit of modelling on the side?

“Some people think it’s horrible to talk about it, but I think it’s actually really empowering,” Gottlieb insists.

“If you are in denial of this you will make bad decisions and end up single. Whereas if you look at the reality and say: okay, the reality is, as I get older there are going to be fewer available men because people are going to be married; there are going to be fewer available men in my age group because men would like to date someone who is younger and more fertile; there will be fewer available men that I will be interested in because the best guys have already been married. Then maybe you can make an informed choice while you still have time.”

This is wisdom born of Gottlieb’s struggle to come to grips with her own diminishing value on the dating market. It involved taking an honest look in the mirror, literally and figuratively: “A lot of it was about self-perception. I kept looking at profiles of these guys online and thinking: they look middle-aged, yuck! But then I realised that I probably look middle-aged to them, too. I’m frozen in time in my own mind. I picture myself at 30. But the truth is I have wrinkles and jowls and grey hairs. Everything’s changed.”

Her book chronicles her search for a husband. She travels around the United States talking to experts, she hires a dating coach, she consults a professional matchmaker and trawls the internet, always coming back to the same home truth. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood: when it comes to dating, deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

“The issue of disappointment is real. There was one moment with my dating coach when I was looking over the profiles of potential dates and he was trying to get me to change my settings in terms of height and age and I said, ‘This sucks!’ and he said, ‘Well, this is reality’. And I said, ‘Reality sucks!’ and he said, ‘If you didn’t have the fantasy, the reality would be just fine’.”

As for Gottlieb’s reality, she’s got a hit book, a Hollywood movie deal and a son she adores — everything, in other words, except the very thing she has made a career of advising others how to obtain. But she’s not giving up the search for Mr Good Enough. Not just yet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Valentine

Valentine's came early this year. I was pleasantly surprised when bunny bought me this :

No it's not a ring. It'll be a more interesting post of it was! HAHAHAHAha. Just kidding!

Very nice lor bunny, I very touched k! (at places where little kids shouldn't know!)


Sweet and simple, just the way you want me to be. However, unfortunately, I have yet to reach your expectations. I am still loud, obnoxious, and sibeh guailan. Just the way you hate it! :P

Thank you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's just too bad Vday falls on the first day of CNY this year. But anyhow, everyday's a Vday with someone worth it... right?

Laffffffffffffff yew x

Highschool gossip

My friend told me this gossip.

A told E that B is cheating on C.

A and B are good friends.

C is E's good friend.

So E told D who is E's best friend.

D and B are good friends.

So D, being the hero, went to confront B to cut B's shit out and stop cheating on C because C really is a good person and C doesn't deserve that shit for all that C's gone through.


B, guilty conscious, called A and fucked A up for telling E.

A, then fucked E.

Then E fucked D.

It's one big vicious circle.

Anyway it caused a serious strain in E and D's relationship. But then again, everyone's relationship is strained. Except B and C's cause C didnt know a thing and E never wanted to tell C. Apparently B is treating C better now. Guilt conscious perhaps.

Anyway. A was so upset because B said that A lost B's trust and friendship. Bastard for cheating on C and yet pinning all the fault on A. A cried and cried and B questioned A while A's father was there. A's father got so pissed off he said that no one should question A and told B to fuck off. Good one.

D called E and fucked E up because E was suppose to keep it a secret. Again, secrets can't be kept. If you don't tell anyone your secret, no one will know.

Argh. talk about kids! It's like highschool!

Poor C! C really did not deserve someone like B.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dog Cataract and Diabetes

Recently I have been noticing that Ting Ting's eyes have turned cloudy blue. At first I thought it was a reflection to the light,but now, it seemed to have taken over almost the whole eye.

So I did a little research on Dr. Goggle (Who else could give me free information and consultancy without charging a cent?!?!!?!?)

And this is what I suspect Ting Ting has got :


Fuck me.

Ting's only a puppy and barely a year old. HOW CAN???????? She's still so young. So many more dog years, broken shoes, torn plants to live through.



She's not blind though, she still reflects to movement, or rather shadow movements, if i dare say.

Anyway, here are the reasons why Ting Ting would develop a cataract.

Why did my dog develop a Cataract?

  • Most cataracts in dogs are inherited. The cataract may develop rapidly over weeks, or slowly over years, in one or both eyes.
  • Like humans, dogs also develop cataracts with age (often after 8 years of life).
  • Cataracts can also develop in dogs with diabetes mellitus or in orphan puppies on an artificial milk replacer diet.

It may well be 2/3 reasons of the above. It might be inherited (which is sad, hai).

The last reason is also very possible.

It was adopted from the pound when it was just a ffew weeks old so i should assume that it has been on artificial milk :(

I did a research on Diabetes Mellitus, and here's what I got :

Some diabetes symptoms include:

  • Frequent urination - it used to pee everytime we saw it, either out of fear or excitement we thought!
  • Excessive thirst - always finding things to drink
  • Extreme hunger - always so freaking hungry! we didn't understand why, we thought it was being a normal dog lah!
  • Unusual weight loss - Ting Ting is nothing but a bag of bones now ... :(
  • Increased fatigue - and it's always sleeping or tired and wouldn't respond to calls at the end of the day.
  • Irritability - always bullying Winky, but we thought she was just being mean!
  • Blurry vision - we wouldnt know that but oh well.


knnbccb. WHYYYYYYYYYY????????

My poor baby (although technically its' daddy's baby, mine's Rose n Winky)

So sad.

I guess we have to bring it to d Vets to get her better :(

Pray that she gets well soon.

She's really annoying, but we love her anyway.

OK, so CNY is approaching. I have finally paid off all my debts before the new year so hopefully this year i wont run into debts. stupid superstition. But still good to heed it anyway once in a while!

Can't wait to wear my 20 dresses that I bought for my week long holiday! :D

I love you, mandarin oranges!

This post is about me professing my love for mandarin oranges as compared to normal oranges we buy.

They are so much sweeter (though you'd get sour ones now and then) than the normal oranges.

They are so much juicer, the pulps contain more juice! and its super fun to try to eat the pulps one by one.

They do not make you cry as much as the normal oranges do when you peel them.

They are also mega easy to peel! and if you're skillful you wont have to pick up so many bits of the skin!

They make better desserts than normal oranges.

So much cheaper in bulk!

Goes down well with shandy.

And only comes once a year so you know how to really treasure them before the chinese new year is out!


Monday, February 1, 2010



Well done!