Thursday, November 24, 2011

Amazonian Love

All Kinds of Spices

Monday, October 31, 2011


Is perhaps finding stability and a sense of belonging and familiarity.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am that girl!


I have neglected this blog for 2 months now. FINE. Fuck this shit I am guilty. I just can't be arsed to be blogging about my fantastically boring and depressing life. No point bumming the whole world out kan?

Was just chatting with Cynthia and she suggested that I follow the trend of blogging I AM THAT GIRL.

If you're going to squeeze sad updates from me daily, that's just too unfortunate. I have found a minion for me to pour out my problems too. And he's suffering from the backlashes of it and still in recovery. Poor Puddy.

Anyway. Here goes.

I am that girl who can sleep for 15 hours straight.

I am that girl who doesn't know shit about politics.

I am that girl who overly hard sells herself and by the time people find out the truth about her, it'd be too late.

I am that girl who is easily jealous and loves silently competing with others who are within my level.

I am that girl who has the temper of Hades.

I am that girl who hates capsicum and cauliflower and parsely.

I am that girl who's waistline is bigger than her arse.

I am that girl who wishes you'd go after her when she runs away (even though it's her fault and she's just being unreasonable!).

I am that girl who loves seeing people enjoy her cooked food.

I am that girl who is afraid to venture too far.

I am that girl who's left side portion is prettier than her right side.

I am that girl who cries silently when she sees dead animals on roadsides.

I am that girl who's heart breaks seeing abandoned parents in homes.

I am that girl who's so fantastic at camwhoring, people who see the real me goes WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS? LOL

I am that girl who has never owned any genuine branded goods.

I am that girl who loves listening to sad soppy love songs and immerses herself deep within it.

I am that girl who will hold on till the end, no matter what.

I am that girl you can count on to pull you up when you've fallen down.

I am that girl you can trust with your secrets, because I have a memory of a goldfish.

I am that girl who loves driving manual cars.

I am that girl who hates law, but stupidly took a law degree.

I am that girl who hates the feeling of helplessness.

I am that girl who loves being pampered, but hates insincerity.

I am that girl who loves glitter, and will probably overload on it.

I am that girl who never told anyone the truth for fear of being judged.

I am that girl who knows how hard it is to just smile on certain days.

I am that girl who hates being idle, something just has to be done.

I am that girl who is allergic to bullshit.

I am that girl who is actually a big softie.

I am that girl who has a fetish for light spanking. LOL.

I am that girl who is able to forget the painful pasts, and even block it out.

Most of all, I am that girl who is just trying to remain 24, while hoping to achieve a high flying job by just sitting on her flat arse and walking around in crazy heels without getting blisters, bunions and callouses.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My love for memebase.


Monday, April 4, 2011



Wonder when after we all dah kahwin (insyallah), there still will be gatherings like these?


Nothing else makes me happier.....

then having shit loads of beads to play with.

And also a piano.

And also a good sound system.

and also KFC. nomnomnom

And oh miranda strawberry - COLD.

and jelly.

and puddy.

and gummy bears!

And really hot pictures of me.

And Amarretto and Choya.

And a plenty of sleep.

and getting to pee finally.

And really good cologne on men.

And having an off day at work.

and SALES.

and shoes. and bags.


and diamonds *drools*

And furry animals.

and lots of romp in the sack.

And rain.

and snow.

and winter and autumn.

and snug winter boots.

and waking up in the cold under a warm comforter.

and sleeping naked.

and raining while you sleep.

and having your boss praise you.

and having someone surprise you with flowers that aren't tacky.

and having amazing pasta as comfort food on a really bad day.

And seashells.

and waking up to the sound of waves.

and having no traffic jams when you're rushing.

and knowing there's someone crazily in love with you.

and having a secret admirer.

and finding money stashed up somewhere that you forgotten and suddenly found.

....and waking up to only find the person you're sleeping next to was looking at you, patiently waiting for you to wake up.


Fran & Ped

Dear bff.

You are getting married.

I am so jealous.


But am really happy for you.

I want to get married also.

You ring can put downpayment for a very expensive luxury car d.

I also want ;(


Ok will take off 2 days just to attend your wedding ok.

Make sure my ang pow from Ped is RM888.00.

if not won't let him through the door.

You have been warned.


another one kahwin d.



Laff u!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Truth about Nuns


OH MAN. Someone beat me to the line of cold truth.



Pasukan Nenen

So the boob squad finally had a reunion after like what, 6 years? The 4 of us have been friends since end of 2003 till now. almost 8 years of friendship. Living next to each other in college and seeing each other almost 24/7 during uni. We stuck through thick and thin. There for each other even though we're in different places. And in England I met up with them at different times to travel and have fun.

Ah, the memories, all relived again one weekend when I took a flight specially up to KL only to drive down to PD to enjoy a night in a rm1000.00 room. FML. We never left the room. Had to fully utilise the facilities to make our moneys worth.

Friends like these don't come along everyday. I am truly blessed.

At Navi's house having her grandmother's best chai tea!!!! so memorable we all still thought about it after 5 years...

College delicacy. Tuna mushroom pasta with super rings. Ah. The college days were simple and penniless.

Missing my girls. Looking forward to the next outing.


Ern learns to shower

It's been a while since I last updated anything about Ern.

Now she can repeat the ABC's poorly after me. I think she hasn't properly grasp the phonetics of speaking.but it was a really good try.

Now she can say gu gu (aunty) without hissing at me. My name for the past year was actually 'hsssssssssssssss'. Don't know where she got it from, perhaps from observing me annoying my hamsters. Or did she find out that i was actually a snake?! hesus christo.

She likes to pretend that she's an ostrich and pokes her arse high up in the air while her head on the concrete floor. Does that when things aren't going her way and when she's hiding from trouble.

She's also pretty good at kneeling down to do prayers. LOL.

Now she's loving shower time with me as she get's to play with the soaps and shampoos and also drink the water coming out from the pipes.

Bless her. I put my feet there to cover her modesty.

She's so cute!!!!

Clutter free mind

When old sayings mention that the hardest person to see, is yourself, they were right.

I always lament at people who's place is a shit hole, and it takes alot of love and effort for me to even help them clean up.

But to myself, my shit was every where in my room. It was as if judgment day had arrived early and that rubbish was all there is left on earth.

My room was a magnet for dustbunnies, growing molds, ants and boogeymen. HECK, there wasn't even space in my closet nor under my bed for the boogeymen to hide in. They'd go like, wtf jo, clean up your shit. I need to be here to work to pay my dues. I have to scare kids, and such, you know. For fucks sake, clear up the boxes of shit under your bed. I think your boxes are growing new boxes of shit.

It's so hard to judge myself. It's so comfortable to roll around in your own shit. Mine was what they called an organised mess. I am not gross. I am just messy. I have everything everywhere, but I know exactly where they are. And if someone even attempted to help me clear, I wouldn't know where my stuff was even if it was poking me in the face.

Kettle calling pot black. How can I go around telling people what to do with their mess when I can't even handle my own? Perhaps it's easier to tell people what to do, than telling yourself what to you.

You are you worst enemy.

So. Right. I decided to clear all my shit. And suddenly the mess in my mind cleared up a little. It was surprisingly theraputic to find money, earrings, 10000 lights, receipts, more money necklaces, people's scribbly numbers on serviets in my 239052093 bags. It was even more surprising to find things that didn't even belong to me in my bags and rooms.

But after that, it felt good. Less clutter in my room, a little less clutter in my mind. But some things can't be removed as easily as clutter and dust. But it did help elevate the mood a little.

Here's a pic of me lying in my cold room, doing nothing and beach whaling while contemplating my life's plans as it is - there are none. Stuck in this grey area, waiting for someone to pull me out of it and offer me a better alternative.

Doing nothing after tidying.


Soft gel nails

Finally got my soft gel nails done. The hard gel was killing me as it was growing too long and i couldn't even type properly. Couldn't text, couldn't play the piano.

Argh!!! Thanks Puddi for the nails! LOL. Thanks for being the santa.

The colours are wonderful and its so glittery and pretty!


Good hamsters die early.

You know the saying "good people dies first"?

This saying actually applies to hamsters as well FML. 1 year ago I bought a pair of hamsters and unbeknownst to me one of them only has 3 legs. So I endearing named it 3 legs. It was such a good hamster. Always performed acrobatics for me to watch, do monkey bars, and never bit.

The other hamster, with all limbs intact, was actually the evil one, hence the name, evil bastard. It would jump and attack you FFS. KNS. Dono how many times I donated blood to that fucker.

Anyway right, just last week I saw 3 legs not responding to my whistles and squeekings. Usually it would jump right up and sniff around for me. But this time, it just laid listlessly on the wooden shavings.

When I picked it up I knew it was about time. Hamsters only live like 2 years and god knows how long it has been living in the petshop until I came along.

It was a good hamster. Always walked with a limp in its gait. Sigh.

So I put him on my bed and he walked for about 30 secs before falling on his sides. For the love of God I thought he was going to conk out any moment, but I guess, its already been a week since the day I thought he was going to die, he's still pulling through a day at a time!!!

Look, he wobbled for a bit and decided to sleep on my comfy bed. I guess that's what old people do as well. LOL :(

Stupid 4 legs aka evil bastard still is alive and very very very energetic.

AIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh The world is such an unfair place.

To Sin Man & Kelvin

I attended one of my high school best friend's wedding the other week and it was a really good time to finally meet and catch up with my old friends. It was more of a gathering for us and it was really fruitful.

My high school best friend Sin Man, married her best friend, her first love. I could only but feel envious for her. She never had to feel heart aches before she finally found her true love. She is so lucky. And I'm sure Kevin's an amazing guy, that's why she chose him.

I remember once, Sin Man gave ma stalk of flower on Valentine's Day. There was a note that read "I hope you find your prince Charming soon". Man, that was the saddest love letter I ever got. I wonder till this day, if I've found my Prince Charming, or if I'd ever find my prince charming. Maybe it was only just a dream? LOL. I think settling would be my best bet. I am after all 25 now. I'm not 15 anymore. I can't pick and choose as I wish. But that's another topic for another day.

Anyway, a wedding portrait of my best friend and her hubby.

Secretly envious when I would get to have a chance to take the prettiest photos of my life. LOL, but its good envious!

Me and Man on her wedding day. She's wearing a lovely 'kua'. Looking especially vibrant and glowing on her special day.

GOSH. Me and Man when we were in Seconday school. I think this was when we were 16. Choir perfomance outfit. EEEEEEEEsh. LOL Dorkus maximus sial.

Another picture of us at 16 after the sports day celebration. Distinctively remember this day as it was the day after I broke up with my first love. FML LOL.

A class photo taken after almost 10years.

Sin Man + Jennifer would come to my house for my birthdays when we were growing up and help me decorate my home and help my mother. They were the best friends anyone could ever have while growing up. They came all the way from Singapore just to be with me. I was truly blessed to have friends like them.

Sin Man even specially thanked me in her bridal speech on stage. I was truly pleasantly shocked to be mentioned. It wasn't even my own wedding!

Thank you Sin Man, for being such a wonderful friend. I truly wish you and Kelvin a wonderful and blessed life together as husband and wife.

Congratulations :)

I love you :D

Yes, I do!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if someone proposed to me with a white baby grand with ebony and ivory keys?

FML, it costs as much as a solitaire engagement ring!

As much as I would want a diamond that costs as much as a grand piano, I personally think that the piano would be a better bargain as you'd get music for the rest of your life! And I'm a damn good pianist with a knack for hearing LOL Perasaan sial.

Anyway, saw this at a shop the other day and was thinking how I could get it when I already have an upright piano at home, and that my dad's credit card limit was only rm20k (this piano costs like RM26k). FMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFMLFML.

Cheh, so much for dreaming out loud.

Although I would want a flashy bling ring. But everyone knows (well, everyone who is actually supposed to know) that I am a cluster ring person rather than a solitaire. Cluster rings are easier on the pockets than a solitaire!

Would be nice to have a little corner in my home for a grand piano and on quiet nights I'd serenade myself (and/or my family) with songs they love.

Hmmm... one can only dream....


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I haven been updating at all because I didnt know what to say.

I know most people update their blogs right before the new year talking about their new year resolutions, but guess what. I'm not doing that again. I'm not making up some false promise to myself to achieve things that probably aren't going to happy. And for those that would happen, wouldn't be called a resolution now, would it. So, just fuck it. Stop wasting my time and disappointments. I've so many other places to waste it on.

It comes to a point where people just disappoint and disappoint you. Well I have played a part in which i placed too much hope in a person! Oh well. Rookie mistake.

Really don't know what to talk about.

Have a great year ahead of you! :)